Friday, January 20, 2017

January 2 - January 22, 2017 - Back HOME in Lubumbashi

January 2, 2017 -

We finally arrived back in the DR Congo, Lubumbashi Mission on January 2, having spent the previous four months in Utah where Shauna had surgery for an elbow replacement and physical therapy due to a fall here in July. It was so special to meet our newest granddaughter, Lynden who was 3 months old, and a blessing to be with Shauna's mother during her illness and passing. Spending time with family members for the holidays was a real bonus. But, living in limbo is very hard--not being where you need to be. We were so anxious to return. We are so happy to be reunited with the other missionaries to assist President and Sister Shumard in the work here. We are loving the weather. It is the rainy season, but warm and sunshine for a good portion of each day. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers that helped us to return to this important adventure in our lives.

Monday afternoon we arrived in Lubumbashi. President and Sister Shumard met us at the airport, and took us to the grocery store. We unpacked and ate dinner at the mission home with the Shumards and the only other couple here at the compound right now, Dr. and Sister Peterson.

The time in Joburg helped acclimate us to the time zone here. 

January 3 - We hit the ground running. Literally--we met the Petersons at 6 a.m. for our usual run/walk. While we have been gone they have been running. So today they had to slow down for me; Dad is in shape because he has been running also the past few months. Sister Nancy Peterson has been retraining me in the office duties. There have been some changes in procedures etc. since we left. We were busy until 6:30 p.m. I was so tired I went to bed about 7:30.

Everything is good here. It is the rainy season. Rains hard at night; sunshine much of the day.

January 4 - This morning we did more running than yesterday. After no real exercise for the past 4 months I am not doing too bad.

The 3 zones here in Lubumbashi had a post-Christmas get together today. It was good to see the young Elders and Sisters. We received a wonderful welcome from them.

Each zone had prepared a Christmas song. We love the enthusiasm with which the Congolese sing.

Thank you all for your prayers that helped us get back to our mission. We miss all of you but know we are where the Lord needs us right now.

January 8 - Our first Sunday attending the Gecamines 2 Ward. Love these African people.
In Relief Society

Two little girls with their mothers

family photo 
January 19, 2017 - Eastmond's arrived. They are the Humanitarian Aid couple for our mission.
Nick & Irene Eastmond from Logan, Utah
Elder & Sister Eastmond, Sister & President Shumard

Showing off Ilunga and Sister Barlow's garden

Elder Peterson right at home in his office

Sister Peterson moved from inside office to the main large office

Beautiful clouds near sunset

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