Friday, January 20, 2017

December 26 - January 1 - Cedar City, Good News, South Africa

December 26 - Visited grandchildren to see what they got for Christmas. Flew to Cedar City for an overnight, quick trip for one last goodbye to Rachael's family.
Shauna, Ron, Olivia

December 27 - Took the 9 a.m. flght back to Salt Lake City.  Just after arriving there was a telephone call from a missionary doctor asking about my recovery. I assured him we were ready to go back to the Congo.  Later that afternoon we learned of our final clearance to be able to return to Lubumabashi.  This has been a long awaited event for us, but we are very excited at getting back.  We will be set apart tomorrow evening and leave Thursday morning. Thank you so much to each of you for your valued friendship and interest in our behalf.  More to come upon our arrival in Lubumbashi.

December 28 -  Ron and I went to the Ogden Temple this morning. It was a session of gratitude to Heavenly Father for allowing us to return to our mission.

Over the years I have always admired the tatted alter coverings. Today, near the end of the session my gaze lingered on the alter. I couldn't believe my eyes!! I had to blink twice to make sure I was seeing it clearly. There on the alter was the exact pattern of the tablecloth Grandma Keele crocheted for my mother during the war years of World War II. I grew up with that delicate tablecloth on our kitchen table between meals. At one point in time it came off the table because it was unraveled in several places. Several years ago mother and I carefully cut a small section of the tablecloth and  Ron cut the mat and it was framed for each of the grandchildren.

I was started and started to cry. Never have I seen that pattern on an alter. It was a tender mercy from the Lord. I felt like mother and grandma Keele were there with us in the Temple and they were happy because we could now return to the Congo.

We were re-set apart tonight by President Jason Killian as full time missionaries. One thing I remember --My light can affect other people. He has been so helpful through this process of reinstatement.  Badges are back on. Feels soooo good.

Final packing and weighing of bags.

Elder Broadbent, the In Field Representative from our mission wrote: "We are pleased that Sister Peterson’s health will allow you both to return and serve in Lubumbashi.  This is a wonderful blessing."

December 29 - Rebecca dropped us off at the airport on her way to work this morning. Just as she had dropped us off many times earlier for other trips. This one would be a much longer one before we will ask her to pick us up again.

We made the first flight out to Atlanta at 7 a.m. Spent a restful day in the Atlanta airport. Caught the 7:15 p.m. flight for Johannesburg, South Africa. Arrived there 5:30 p.m. on Friday, December 30.

Stayed at the Citte Lodge at the airport for the weekend. Welcomed in the New Year 9 hours before our family. We were able to Facetime with most of our children and grandchildren.

January 1 - Rented a car to go to Church in Johannesburg. Pictures of the chapel we attended.

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