Friday, January 20, 2017

November 7 - 27 - Grandchildren, Disappointment & Thanksgiving, More Grandchildren

November 12-13 We stayed at Sarah's house to watch their children while she and Trent went to Portland, Oregon with the baby.  Sarah and Trent want to finish their basement and since we are still at home they thought they might put Dad to work. Ron spent the weekend measuring and drew out a plan then went to Home Depot to price it all out.

November 17 - Doctor visit. Hoping to be released to go back to Africa.
Dr. Asks....Did you fall since you were here a month ago?  No!
Did you bump your elbow?  No! Oh wait, something weird happened at therapy about 3 weeks ago. We heard a pop or a crack or something....
Dr. said there is a small part of the bone that has fractured.

November 17- We visited with the Surgeon that performed Shauna's elbow surgery this morning fully anticipating a clearance for reinstatement to return to Lubumbashi.  Despite a problem that surfaced on the X ray this morning he still was willing to provide a release letter.  We were thrilled and anxious until about two hours later he called having second thoughts about giving the release.  He wants another X-ray in two weeks to confirm that this problem has stabilized which he is confident will be the case.  We are bummed out over this turn of events but are sure that all will work out in the long run.

November 19 - We  want to be in Lubumbashi to serve the Lord and be helpful to President and Sister Shumard. They have been praying for us. We will follow the doctor's orders and put our faith and trust in the Lord. We will submit our will to His. We miss the African Saints. Although I have been enjoying understanding the Sunday meetings in English.

November 21 - Sarah and Trent bought the wood and had it delivered over the weekend. Since we can't go to Africa, Ron will go to Lehi and help Trent with the framing of the basement. 
Trent and Ron measuring

Ron with the outside wall almost finished

November 24 - Thanksgiving at Rebecca's house with the families of Aleece and Sarah. David's and Leslie's families came over in the late afternoon for leftovers. What a great day!!

November 26 - We are taking care of Leslie and Doug's three boys for a week while they go on a cruise with Doug's family.

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