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October 3 - 16, 2016 - Birthday, Death, Funeral

 October 3 -The mountains and the cabin were great  therapy from the stress of taking care of my mom and trying to figure  out my left arm. 

Last night about midnight we Facetimed with the Barlows and spent all night using "TeamViewer" to complete the transfer for President Shumard. What a way to start my birthday.

Sarah came up later that morning with Lynden. We decided grandma needed her goodbye party with all the grandkids. Sarah sent out the texts. She and Ron bought a pork burrito for me for my birthday dinner. Liz and Jared brought brownies for everyone.
All the grandchildren except Rachael in Cedar City and Kellie in New Hampshire were able to come say goodbye to grandma. Rachael talked to her on the phone. Mother had her eyes closed during the evening, but was smiling. She was enjoying the time, hearing the memories.

October 4 -

Rachael tribute  - A little over a month ago my dad and mom were preparing to board a plane home from their mission. My mom had broken her elbow and needed to come home to have surgery. My mom has always been close to her mother, so when we found out that cancer had taken over her body, I knew right away why my mom needed to come home, even if it was just for a short time. Tonight she was able to be by her side as she was reunited with her sweetheart. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows each of us personally. He knows my pains and he is grieving with me tonight. But he is also rejoicing with me as I KNOW that I will see my grandparents again. I can imagine the great reunion they had as my grandpa came for her. Dancing around and running to greet family members. Until we meet again Grandma.

Erin thoughts - My beautiful sister Rachael's tribute to Grandma Wood. The same thoughts passed through my mind weeks ago when my parents had to return to the USA from their mission. Mom and Dad needed to be here with grandma before she returned to her heavenly home. Love you!!

My wonderful Grandma Wood was reunited with my grandpa tonight! So grateful for a wonderful grandma who taught me by example how to be charitable and kind to everyone. Grandma loved her family and I always knew she loved me no matter what. So grateful we had a month to prepare for this day! I will miss taking her Christmas shopping to help her pick out a book for her great-grandchildren. It was something I helped her with for the past 5 or so years. The ladies in Seagull Book and Deseret Book knew my grandma by name. So grateful I was able to spend time with all most of my cousins last night sharing memories. I will miss playing "May I" with my grandma at the cabin. Love you Grandma!! (Love this picture of my mom and grandma-- I wished I would have snuck in and gotten my picture with the two of them).

Sarah's post - In trying times there’s no more reassuring feeling than to know that God is in control and that His love for us is real.
My sweet Grandma just passed away and my heart is so full not only for the life she lived but how she lived it.
God’s love can provide the hope and encouragement we need to face our challenges, like death, and move forward with our lives.
God’s love for us is not diminished by times of fear and uncertainty. He knows that our saddest or most challenging days are when we most feel the need for divine help. And often such personal struggles enable us to better comprehend the depth of God’s love, and to recognize how completely we depend on Him.
Accepting the Lord as our guide does not guarantee that all of life’s paths will be easy or smooth; however, He’ll walk with us every step of the journey, offering us the strength we need to endure. We’re promised that our loving Heavenly Father will continue to give good gifts to His children, if we follow Him.
The Apostle Paul said “neither death, nor life . . . nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any . . . creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God.
Knowing that God’s love for us is real and unchanging can calm the storms of life and bring meaning amid uncertainty. God will not forget us or forsake us.
Until we meet again Grandma Wood!

Rebecca's post - Heavenly Father knows us personally and know what we need. He knew my Grandma needed my Mom home to be with her while she passed on from this life. She was taken my the hand by my Grandpa to meet our Creator and Redeemer. Oh what joy she is feeling right now, free of this life and pain. I miss her dearly but I KNOW that I will see her again, that this life is not the end. We will be together again soon. I will miss her wonderful examples of love and service to others. She was a quilter and I remember playing under hundreds and hundreds of blankets up on frames. She loved the Gospel and lived it, she never wavered but was strong to the very end. I know she is continue on serving and loving those on the other side. Love you My Grandma!!

David's post - I've been blessed to have had my grandparents on both sides for a long time. Something I will never take for granted.

And Tera - Heaven has a new angel! I will miss you Grandma Wood! So glad you are reunited with your sweetheart! Until I see you again! ❤️💜

October 7 - Sister's Weekend - It was scheduled to be held at Grandma Wood's house. She loved the past 3 years being with our daughters and me. This year we also invited Teresa to be with us. We spent the evening doing a service project for Grandma - cleaning out the food storage room.

October 8 - Easton's Baptism is today. We left Grandma Wood's house to drive to Lehi for the baptism.
Tent, Paetan, Stratton, Easton, Lynden, Reeghan, Sarah

Ron, Easton, Shauna

Later, we, the Sisters only, went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

October 9 - The Viewing

Mallory, Hayley, Brittney




Brayden, Conner, Leslie

Wendy Funk with Bryan Diamond & his fiancé Candice

Colten, Leah, Reeghan, Conner

All 18 Wood cousins - Everyone here
Children were entertained in an another room watching a movie during the viewing

Vickie, Shauna, Mom, Debbie, Dennis

Ron, Mom, Shauna

 October 10 - Day of Funeral at the cemetery

Joe, Rebecca, Grady
Chloe, Wesley

Jared, Liz, Colten, Leah
Justin, Jacob, Andrew, Leah

Conner, Doug, Leslie, Griffin, Brayden

Vickie, Steve, Shauna, Ron, Debbie, Wayne, Dennis, Teresa

Vickie, Shauna, Debbie, Dennis

Trent, Sarah
Stratton, Easton, Paetan, Lynden, Reeghan

Wood Cousins - older generation
Garth, Dorothy, Gary, Diane, Kevin, Robert, Kathy, Ron, Jack
Carol, Vickie, Shauna, Debbie, Dennis
Steve, Ron, Wayne, Dennis
Vickie, Shauna, Debbie, Teresa

October 12 - 5th therapy session today.
Measured progress since the first time:
-80 degrees at first - now -55 degrees.  Goal is 0
90 degrees at first - now is 125 degrees. Goal is 150 degrees

Making some progress. Hopefully now I can relax since I don't have to worry about my mom.  She is in good hands. I can be selfish and concentrate on doing my exercises and getting us back to Africa where we belong.

 Have been going through mom and dad's house with siblings and dividing things up. We found 115 brand new quilts/baby blankets she had made. Ron made a trip to the cabin with the van full of the blankets and other items to be stored.

October 14 - Met Sean Donnelly for breakfast in Salt Lake. He has been here for a public affairs seminar, General Conference, and a family wedding tomorrow. It was so good to see him.

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