Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 20 - 26, 2017 - Humanitarian visitors from South Africa

February 20 - The Humanitarian couple, Elder Karl and Sister Margaret Blake from Draper, who are over all couples in the Southeast African Area came to visit Elder and Sister Eastmond. They brought Elder Rex and Sister Scott, from East Millcreek area of Salt Lake,who will be replacing the Blake's in March. The area Humanitarian couple oversee all the projects that are proposed from the 8 couples in various missions throughout the area.

We enjoyed a light supper and Family Home Evening at the Mission Home. It was nice to visit with these couples and get to know them a little.

February 21 - Picked up the Assistants and drove them to the bus station. They are going to Likasi for two days to meet with the stake president and also to look for new apartments for missionaries.

Worked on the upcoming departure packets for March 21.

We were invited to the Karavia Hotel for dinner with the Humanitarian couples. Elder Peterson and I both ate fish. It was very good.

February 22 - We drove with the Humanitarian couples to a village about 20 kilometers away. Population is between 800 and 1,000 people. Eastmonds had been there last week with President Mwinkeu, 1st counselor in the mission. The village children attend school in the church. The village has built a three room school that is ready for the roof, doors, windows, etc. They need help to finish it. What they have already built shows initiative and that they are willing to work to complete the school. It appears to be a good project for the Eastmonds to start with.

Trusses in the Church

Students having school in the church

Pews are 2 rows high of bricks

3 room school with walls almost complete

Front view of one room

Inside one room

Elder Scott holding heavy brick

Village leaders discussing project with humanitarian people

Mother hen with some of her chicks

 Hanging in the tree outside is a metal rectangle. If you bang on it the students will gather for school.
Church in background
School bell


House with thatch roof

Well - water can only be used for washing

People gathered under canopy

Bucket dropped down well to get water

Older villager

2 village leaders


2 village women

2 ducks

Goat eating leaves
A well was dug about ten years ago. It worked for six years; the past four years it has not worked. Eastmonds will try to find someone to go out with them to assess what needs to be done in order for it to work again.
Well with broken pump

Village home

Amazing the loads that can be carried on their head.

Village homes extend out a ways
We got back from our morning outing in time to take President and Sister Shumard to the airport. They are going to Bujumbura, by way of Nairobi until February 28.

Spent the afternoon putting together the arrival packets for March 21.

February 23 - On our walk today we saw crows in this dead tree.

Elder Eastmond clapped his hands and they flew away

Elder Eastmond and Elder Peterson walking up the steps near the small hyper pisaro.

Friday, February 24 - on our morning walk
Rose in our front yard - notice the HUGE raindrops on the leaves

Water falling into the ditch

Plant with spider webs all over it

Close-up of the spider webs

 Back home in our yard
Green spider on leaf covered by a thin protection film

HUGE water drops on leaves
 We went shopping with the Eastmonds downtown. Four lanes of traffic where there should only be two lanes.

4 lanes coming at us
 Saturday, February 25 - Bennetts came down from Likasi. We went to eat lunch at the Carrfour.
Elder & Sister Eastmond, Elder & Sister Peterson, Sister Bennett

Elder & Sister Peterson, Sister & Elder Bennett, Sister Eastmond
 Sunday, February 26 - Lubumbashi Stake Conference. The meeting was very good. The French was understandable. The choir was AMAZING!!

Emmanuel who has worked for the mission for several years is transferring to Mbuji-Mayi to help the President in that mission. He and his immediate family will be leaving on Tuesday to fly to their new home.
Emmanuel's extended family

Marline, Emmanuel and their children

 After the conference.
Black butterfly with white spots landed on the yellow flowers

Elder Sebahi with his little amis (friends)

The used car lot on the way home from the stake center
 We were supposed to be able to see the almost lunar eclipse here at sundown at 6:30 p.m. However, there were clouds covering the entire sky so no chance of seeing the sun set. It was disappointing. This is what we should have seen.

I am not sure why this picture won't come in the correct way. This is where the eclipse should have been in the sky.