Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 23 - February 5 - Loving the Walks in the Morning

January 23 - President and Sister Shumard flew to Kolwezi early this morning, going for interviews and a zone conference.

January 25 - On our way to the airport to pick up President and Sister Shumard, we saw 3 young boys hitch a ride on the back of a tanker truck. They rode until the main large intersection by the Hyper Pisaro where one boy leaped off. The other two were still on, but we passed the truck so we are not sure how far they went.
Notice the contents of the truck-- DANGER ACID

January 27 - We went to the Lebanese Restaurant tonight for dinner.

January 28 - The Mission Home freezer died. Sister Shumard brought over a sack of frozen bananas. I made Banana Muffins with chocolate chips. Gave some to the Bennetts and the Eastmonds.
Wearing Sister Vance's apron

Bennetts came down from Likasi to get the inspection sticker for their truck. We went to the CarrFour and had a chicken sandwich with them for lunch. Then shopped at the large Hyper Pisaro. Bennetts then left for Likasi. They leave Likasi on March 31. The lease is up on the house. They will come here to the Mission Home and then leave for Canada on April 5.

President brought us a fruit slushi from the Lebanese Restaurant to share.

January 31 - On our walk this morning

Beautiful flowers in the middle of a dirt path 

Sunrise and  corn field

The corn is planted among the trash heaps

A snail that almost blends into the dirt

Empty field behind our house and down the street a little ways

We found Ilunga, our gardner in the neighboring bamboo tree, cutting limbs down.
He climbed the tree and was standing on the top of the wall with a machete, slashing away.
The tall bamboo branches obstruct our security on top of the wall.

Departure certificates and packets are finished - ready for next week.

 February 2 - There was a tremendous thunder and lightening storm last night that seemed to go on forever!! Had a light handy but the power didn't go out. Our generator was already on.

On the walk this morning
Snails seem to be all over

Elder Eastmond touched his antennae to see if he would draw himself in.

Bird on top of the wire

Close up of bird

Saw this tree with many nests in it. Leaves all gone from the tree. Probably eaten by the birds.

Close up of the nests

Anyone know what this is??

Elder Eastmond holding a guava that fell from the tree.
Arrival packets for new missionaries are ready and waiting.

Going through pictures for the mission history 2016, looking for group photos of the arriving and departing missionaries.

February 3 - seen  on our walk this morning
Beautiful flowers in a yard

Same yard - different flower

Bridal Shop - anyone in need of a dress??
February 4 - Baked bread, pumpkin muffins, cooked vegetables.

Started special fast at 6:30 pm.

Sunday, February 5 - Our Bishop in the Gecamines 2 Ward was able to take his family to Johannesburg to the Temple this past week.

Bishop Mukengela and Family

Later in the afternoon it was raining very hard. We found out the hard way that we had no more water in the tank at the compound. The water company turned off the water on Friday, but none of us had been informed. So Jean, one of our guards, went around finding buckets to catch the rain water coming off the roof. We probably won't get water in our homes at least until tomorrow some time.
Jean, one of our guards in our backyard

catching rain water for washing purposes

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