Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 14 - 20, 2017

August 14 - Charbonne delivered to the Assistants' Apartment

Saw this burned out van on our way to take the President & Sister Shumard to the airport. They are going to Kolwezi until Thursday morning.

The van has no engine in it. It appears it was towed to this spot and then set on fire. I sent the pictures to Sister Nancy Peterson. Maybe she can come up with another story for us.

August 16 - morning walk

Yesterday Sister Bleak and I sewed 6 pillowcases from African fabric. Today we made 8 pillowcases from 2 white twin sheets. They will match up with colored sheets we already had in stock.
Sister Bleak at the ironing board

Sister Peterson at the sewing machine

14 completed pillowcases
We had Elder and Sister Bleak come for dinner tonight. We ate soft shelled tacos complete with homemade refried beans. With the fresh tomatoes and avocados----superb!!
August 17 - Morning walk
part of a car chassis serving as a bridge over this ditch

River cleared of the plastic bottle debris from earlier days

Bridge over the river

Elder Peterson and Elder Bleak on the main road to Kisanga

Clever way to catch the ripe papayas on this tree.

We wish we knew what this buiding is

Rebecca, these next two pictures were taken in your honor--since it has your name on it.

Right next to the gas pump where we were filling up the truck there is this amazingly clean tire shop.

August 18 - Morning walk. We travel this stretch of road often.

Garden on the grounds of the Pullman Hotel

This is as close as we will get to an eclipse here. Sun fading into the clouds.

Elder Peterson having his hair cut.
We went to the Turkish restaurant tonight with Elder and Sister Bleak. Forgot to take pictures.

August 19 - It is our anniversary today. 46 years of an amazing adventure! In my wildest dreams I never did imagine the places we would go and the people we would meet.

Spent the day cleaning our home. Since we haven't posted  pictures of this house that we moved into last July before we went home for four months, we decided to do it now.

The spare bedroom

Our bedroom

The bathroom that has a shower

The other bathroom

Only a tub -- no shower


Pantry off from kitchen

Still in the pantry

Our backyard taken from the patio

The back patio

From the patio looking toward the doctor's office

From the patio looking at the depot

From the walkway between our home and the courtyard, looking at the back of the mission office

From the same walkway looking at the side of the house and the wall separating the office from our home

Our front porch from the side

Our front porch - front view

Our house on the left - Eastmonds house on the right (our old house)

From our front porch looking at the Bleak's house

Our third bedroom - The sewing room, exercise room, etc.

Close up of the exercise equipment and sewing supplies, etc.

From the hallway looking into the living room, 3rd bedroom, and kitchen

Looking to the left in the living room

Taken from the front door looking at living and dining areas

Dining table

Door to 3rd bedroom closed - Enclosed Bookcase

From dining table, looking toward front door

Bookshelf by dining table - hallway to the right

View of living room from dining table
Next are pictures of the kitchen. The darker cabinets were brought over from the mission home when that kitchen was remodeled. It more than doubled the cupboard space.

It is the Kisanga Stake Conference this weekend. We went to the Saturday adult meeting. Here are pictures of Nels and Solange. She is our housekeeper.

The three sister missionaries serving in our ward, Gecamines 2, along with President and Sister Shumard and an investigator, Yolande (holding the Book of Mormon). She is in our ward and attends the Gospel Principles class and is coming to our English classes on Sundays and Wednesdays

The full time missionaries in the Kisanga Stake with our visiting area seventy.

Elder and Sister Bleak pumping water for the people at the water station adjacent to the stake center.

Sister Peterson helping the children pump water.

The Bleak's invited us for dinner at the meeting. We had a delicious broccoli soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. They then came to our house to watch the first episode of "North and South". They have become great friends to us.

Sunday, August 20 - Kisanga Stake Conference. There was a wonderful spirit in the meeting today. Unfortunately, the sound system was not working very well. We had a hard time hearing where we sat. We arrived a half hour before the meeting started but our seats were into the cultural hall area.

After the meeting, a view looking at the front of the chapel.

Turning around, this is the back of the cultural hall.
It was filled to capacity.

After the meeting, Elisée Kinemba, a daughter in one of our home teaching families came up to us to introduce her husband. They were married a few weeks ago and now living in the Gecamines 1 Ward.  They look very happy together.

Not sure who the little "photo bomber" in the picture is

A niece to Elisée
 Pictures of some children

These are four sisters in our ward
Sisters Anny (the Bishop's wife), Lucien, Litia, and Lyly (the Stake President's wife)
 At three o'clock we went to our chapel for our English class. These are pictures of the students who came today. There were 19 total - the most we have had so far.