Friday, August 11, 2017

August 7 - 13, 2017 - Apartment Inspections, Liahona English-French Matchup, Service Project

August 7 - Visited the Gecamines 1 Apartment - Zone Leaders

Barbell and weight bench

Water tank

Zone Leaders
 Gecamines 2 Apartment - Sisters Threesome
 August 8 - Morning walk

Maybe the Elders could use these for barbells
 Bongonga Apartment - Zone Leaders

Lubumbashi Sisters Apartment

Purchased blankets, pillows, and towels for incoming missionaries for the next two arrivals.

All put away neatly in the Depot

August 10 - Morning walk by the volleyball courts between the Catch and the Boucher Restaurants.

Trying to match up an English and French Liahona of the same month to use in our English class.

Organized into boxes. Each month all together for a classroom set

Making a pizza for dinner - Homemade crust by Sister Peterson. Elder Peterson finished with the sauce, Ham and Pineapple, and cheese.

Looks good!!

Tastes even better
 August 11 - Morning walk
A home with a real concrete foundation, complete with drains

We went to Al Basha and ate noodles and fried rice --Yummy!!

Elder Peterson, Pres. Shumard, Elder & Sister Bleak, Sister Shumard

August 12 - Service Project - Cleaning at a Hospital - Inside and Outside
Sister Bleak helping two of our missionaries

Elder Bleak washing the outside of the buiding

LeBel and Jared (two of Sister Nadage's children)

Elder Peterson filling buckets of water

Sweeping the yard

Sister Nadage with her children and a neighbor boy

Junior Kinemba 

"There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza"

Aimee from our English class

Sister Nadage - amazing how they can bend in half and wash the floor

Elder Bleak

Sister Peterson, Sister Nadage, Sister Bleak


Sister Viviane from our ward

With Bishop Mukengela and the full time missionaries

Cute hairstyle

Sister Felly and her children


The three sister missionaries serving in our ward were wanting a "photo shoot" today.

Junior Mukengela, is going to the Ghana MTC this week. He will be serving in Brazaville, Republic of Congo. 

At three o'clock we went back to the chapel to teach our English class.
Aimee, Felly, Yolande

Socrates, Benjamin

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