Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 26 - July 2, 2017 - New Well at Mission Home, MLC, L'bashi Zone Conference, Baptism

June 26 - On our walk this morning we notice a wall at the outdoor swimming pool has been painted to represent a beach scene.

 I couldn't help myself. I had to take a picture of this beautiful huge bird of paradise flower
 Over the weekend, there was a mining expo at the Pullman Hotel. We had talked for weeks about going over to see it, but as it turned out none of us went. On our walk this morning there was only the remains of one of the booths.

 The Congo River (also known as the Zaire River) is the second longest river in Africa (after the Nile) and the second largest river in the world by discharge volume of water (after the Amazon), and the world's deepest river with measured depths in excess of 220 m (720 ft).

If this country could harness the energy of this river the entire country would have electricity and the excess could be sold to other countries. Maybe someone will finally tackle this project.

The new tent cover is finished in time for the expo

A new water well was drilled today here at the mission home.
The truck on the right has the noisy generator that powers the drill rig.

Lots of workers standing around watching
 President Shumard purchased a gas grill. We had grilled hamburgers tonight. Tasted so good. Also Sister Shumard made her wonderful broccoli salad and cake for dessert.

This is a picture of the moon as we left the Mission Home tonight.
 June 27 - The well left a HUGE mud mess on the lawn. Ilunga was at it early this morning trying to shovel it off the grass. He takes such pride in how the lawn, plants, and shrubs look around the compound.
Ilunga hard at work. It is cold in the mornings so he is wearing his beanie.

Such a pleasant, happy man.

The driveway is a mess with dried mud too.
President Shumard called and insisted that workers be sent from the drilling company to clean up their mess. It is not Ilunga's job to do it. Men did arrive to shovel the mud off the lawn and sweep up the driveway.

A Mission Leader Conference was held today in Lubumbashi. The Zone leaders, Sister trainer leaders, and also this time the District leaders were brought in for training. All leaders from Likasi and Kolwezi came by bus to attend.

Sister Shumard had a match game for them to play using words missionaries use daily such as prayer, study scriptures, invite, testify, baptize converts, teach repentance, etc. They LOVED the game.
Match Game set up on the floor.

 June 28 - During this morning's walk we realized that we haven't been taking pictures of the restaurants where we have been eating. The Catch specializes in fish and has seating that looks out over the "lake". We have eaten here several times. This is the same restaurant where we went with Sister Vance for her going away dinner. It has an indoor vertical aquarium.

 Between the Catch Restaurant and Le Boucher restaurant is a sand volleyball court area. There is a sidewalk that goes alongside the volleyball area. On the other side of the restaurant is the outdoor pool that is talked about on Monday, June 26 (and the bird of paradise flower).

Le Boucher Restaurant is a little pricey. We only went here once when Sister Cook and Sister Vance were with us. Pictures of the inside are in last year's entries.

 Walking through one neighborhood to get home we pass this home. We are told it is the home of Mo├»se Katumbi, who was the governor of the Province of Katanga from 2007 to 2015.

Nearing home we see the piles of mud that were shoveled from the lawn area yesterday and deposited here, outside the wall of the compound.  Elder Peterson and Sister Eastmond in the background.

Inside the compound we see what the lawn looks like after the mud has been shoveled off from it. It looks terrible. Will the lawn survive?
 Later in the morning some workers arrived to wash the dirt and mud from the lawn, hose down the driveway again, and to wash the mud from the gate.
 At least we can now seen green through the mud.

Man washing the gate.
June 29 - Morning Walk/Run. Elder and Sister Eastmond did not go this morning so I needed to keep up with the 3 running Petersons. They didn't run as much as they normally do. We took a longer route. I hadn't been on part of it before.
Bridge made from an old gate

Is the beginnings of a good bridge

Elder Lorin & Elder Ron Peterson across the bridge

metal bridge patched with wood

fog lifting over the river

Early morning fog over the Gecamines smokestack and tailing pile

Mother pig wasn't sure she wanted us around
Took several pictures of weeds that looked pretty by the dawn's early light.

This is a silver gate, but in the early morning sun it looks like gold.

Pigeon coop on the top right of the house

Rounded ficus tree

Bridge over drain ditch into a compound

Ralph is still waiting to be a "bridge" over troubled water.

A small store turned upside down.

June 30 - Dinner at the Catch Restaurant

July 1 - Three young women from the Mampala Ward clean the church before the baptismal service.

3 young people from our ward to be baptized
Elder Beya K and Elder Mbala from the Mampala Ward with a sister from their ward to be baptized.
Sister Isampua and Sister Conteh with the 3 young children from our ward before the baptismal service
Elder Beya K and Elder Mbala from the Mampala Ward with their 

Eulie Masengo and her daughter Christ-est-la who was baptized

Sister Conteh, Crist-est-la, Sister Masengo, and Sister Isampua

Sister Conteh and Sister Isampua with the families of those who were baptized

Baby sister of the boy and girl in our ward who were baptized

Toy made from an oil carton

two girls outside of the church
July 2 - At four a.m. on our Sunday morning the IPAD starting ringing. It was our daughter, Rachael, who lives in Enoch, Utah. I knew immediately that she wouldn't be calling us at that hour just to say hi. The terrible news she had for us was that our daughter Erin and her husband Scott's house caught on fire about 4 p.m. on their Saturday.  The family had attended a baptism at 2:30 and then went to the movies.  Our oldest son, Jared, was contacted as well as my niece, Shayna. Scott's brother, Larry, was also contacted. They arrived on the scene and were there when Erin and Scott along with their daughters came home from the movie. It appears the fire started in the garage and then spread from there.

We FaceTimed Jared's phone and was able to speak with Erin and the girls. The pictures below were sent in an email. We are not sure exactly if the addition to their home was saved at all. It is pretty devastating to know that all the sentimental earthly possessions are gone. Thankfully, it was not nighttime with everyone in bed asleep when it happened. Or that they were home when it started. If they had been home they would have tried putting the fire out while waiting for the fire department. There were several small explosions due to the truck's gas tank and propane tanks that were in the garage. Someone could have been seriously injured.

We are so grateful for the watchful care of our Heavenly  Father over all of us. Trials and challenges will come in everyone's life, but the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement will carry us through whatever comes our way. The loving support of an eternal family sealed in the Temple will help us ultimately overcome.

Our Bishop's son, Emmanuel bore his testimony during the meeting today. He is leaving this week to attend the MTC in South Africa before serving his mission in Nigeria, English speaking. This is a photo of the Bishop Mukengela's family, with the full time sister missionaries, Sister Isampua and Sister Conteh. Emmanuel has been serving as the Ward Mission Leader

Sister Keta and her four children

Elder Peterson with an investigator, Gordien.

Sister Peterson, Elder Emmanuel Mukengela, and Elder Peterson