Thursday, June 8, 2017

May 29 - June 4, 2017 - 3 Zone Conferences

May 29 - Walk. Light on the left (not the sun) 
Elder L. Peterson, Sister Eastmond, Elder R. Peterson, Elder Eastmond

Fire on the right up ahead
 May 30 - On our way downtown.
Hard way to get the lumber home.
Katuba Zone Conference

May 31 - Morning walk

The 2 Elder Petersons and Sister N. Peterson

 Kisanga Zone Conference

Nancy and Fidel were interpreting today. They will be married on Saturday

Each sister was given this RDC Lubumbashi Mission necklace

All the Elders received this pin
President pinning it on Elder Zoue

Sister and President Shumard

Kisanga Zone
June 1 - Morning Walk - fog across the river

 Sign outside our compound. It was attached some time while we were gone last fall.

Lubumbashi Zone Conference

Nancy and Fidel, interpreters, to be married tomorrow.

June 3 - Delivered a double braséro and charbonne to the Sisters in the Lubumbashi Apartment. They hauled it out of the truck.
 And Sister Manzanza swept the mess out of the truck.
 Sisters saving every usable piece of charbonne.

 Sister Takoue showing the brooms they have and requesting a new one for the inside of the apartment.

The backyard of their apartment. They had cleaned up the entire area and had a big pile of leaves.
 Inside, their shelf holding pamphlets is organized very neatly
 All their solar lamps were outside in the sun recharging for use tonight.
 June 4 - After church on Sunday, we waited for President and Sister Shumard to go with our sister missionaries to visit a family whose 2 day old baby had died and was being buried this afternoon.

We went with President and Sister Shumard to visit Sister Nadege Mbuyi in our ward. Her husband, Grace Mbambu is a member but she is not.  Eric, a counselor in our Bishopric accompanied us to her home. We walked through the neighborhood about a half hour to get there. She has had the missionary discussions and has a testimony but hasn't been baptized because they can't afford the price of a marriage certificate. They have 3 children. President Shumard encouraged her to pray night and morning every day and to read the Book of Mormon every day and a miracle will happen. He gave her a picture of the Kinshasa Temple and one of the Savior. He asked her to start the missionary lessons over again and to come to church next Sunday. She agreed to do it.
The two children on either side of the picture of the Savior are her children. Her baby was asleep. The other 3 children are neighbors who wanted to be in the picture.
The way we went through the neighborhood no truck could have driven. 
A bridge in the neighborhood.
We drove Eric to his home. This is a picture of he and his wife and their three sons.
Veronique, Chadrack, Isaac, Henoc, Eric

Sister Peterson with the family and another sister from the ward.

Boys scouts we saw on the way home

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