Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 19 - 25, 2017 - Transfers, Mwenda School Ceremony

June 19 - Delivered cleaning products and charbonne to the Upemba apartment.

Picking up all the pieces of charbonne that fell.
June 20 - Granddaughter Ella's birthday today.

Morning walk
Moon at 6 a.m. Just above the tree on the left, looking in a straight line toward
 the moon you can see Jupiter or Venus or some other planet.


These same ladies are featured in last week's blog. This time they are facing the sun so we can see them much better.

This turkey lives along our walking route when we go to the power lines. He posed so nicely.

Then turned to show us his tail.
Beautiful roses in our front yard.

praying mantis on our back step
It is 6:10 p.m. - Transfers were finally sent out. President had four different versions before it was completed. What an exhausting two weeks he has had!! So glad we are in the office and not in the Mission Home. What a responsibility that is. We pray daily for President and Sister Shumard. They are doing a great work here helping to shape the missionaries into being what the Lord needs them to be.

June 21 -Elder & Sister Eastmond's humanitarian project at the Mwenda Village is complete. Today is the ceremony officially closing the project--roof on the school, latrines, and repair water pump.

May 22 - Hollyhock in the courtyard

 May 23 - Fires from people burning garbage is seen in the sky.
 The smokestack from the Gecamines Mine can just barely be seen above the mist from the river and/or the smog from garbage fires.
June 24 - Butterfly found lying under our dining room table.

Today granddaughter Ella was baptized by her dad, David. We were able to FaceTime for the baptism and listen to the confirmation. We are proud of her for choosing to follow the Savior and be baptized into His true church on the earth today.

David and Ella

 March 25 - At Church - Gecamines 2 Ward

Granddaughter Emma's birthday today. FaceTimed with her for a few minutes. Later we found out she got sick about a half hour after we talked to her. She had to stay home from Church and the Peterson family dinner that was scheduled for their house was moved to Erin's house. Liz stayed home with Emma and they made an awesome cake together.
Emma and the fabulous cake

Our game playing Emma received a good gift.

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