Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 5 - 11, 2017 - President Shumard Birthday, Likasi Zone Conference, Arika Baptism

June 5, 2017 -  Unfortunately, the wheels of this van found the deep ditch. Notice the creativity in propping if up with a board so it doesn't fall over farther on its side.

 Then just up the street we saw these two vehicles. The one on the right has been burned out. It appears they might be taking two broken vehicles, and trying to make one good one.

 Sister Barlow and Ilunga's holly hocks are blooming beautifully in the courtyard.
President Shumard's birthday is actually June 3, but we celebrated it tonight during a lovely dinner prepared by Sister Shumard.

Here he is blowing out the candles on the cake.

June 7 - I was waiting in the car while Elder Peterson went into Jambo to pick up something. I noticed a young boy go over to the 55 gallon drum that is being used as a trash barrel.  He rummaged through until he found a bottle of water. He unscrewed the lid and drank the little bit that apparently was left in it.

He found 2 Fanta orange bottles, poured the remaining contents of one bottle into the other, took a small sip, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, then put the bottle into his pocket.

 He rummaged around looking for something else of value. Then he picked up his wheel toy and went on his way. I am afraid this happens more than I want to know around this city and even back home in our towns.

We then drove to Likasi to take some supplies President Shumard needed. We arrived just in time to take Sister Shumard to pick up the chicken schwarmas for lunch. We attended the balance of the Likasi Zone Conference.

June 8 - Sister Eastmond with Agneau, Anna, and Merveille who picked flowers for her.
We went home teaching today at 4. Met with Junior and Elise. Their mother was outside cleaning fish for dinner. A sister, Pascaline, who is 14 joined with us. The lesson was the story of the Liahona and how Lehi's family used it to guide them. But it didn't work if they were not obedient. We also have a kind of Liahona to guide our lives. It is the scriptures, our patriarchal blessings, the Ensign magazine, etc. Pascaline was not feeling well. Elder Peterson asked if she wanted a blessing.  She did so he gave her a blessing.  We also met a brother, Alain. The mother came inside as we were leaving. She is the one that is not a member. The father is a member but works a lot on Sundays.   There are 10 children in the family.  Two are married and live in two other wards in the city. So there are 8 children at home. They have gone to Primary since they were small. When asking questions, they have the correct answers. We gave the mother her own Book of Mormon.

We then went to the home of Sister Sina Tshiyamba. She and some of her children are members, but her husband is not. He was home today so we met him for the first time. He sat down and listened for a while, then when we started looking up a scripture he went outside. We gave Sister Sina a picture we took of her and the 4 children who were at our last appointment.

June 9 - Going to deliver braséro and charbonne to two apartments this morning.
Holly hocks in the garden. Beautiful Sister Barlow and Ilunga.

Ilunga & Jean loading the truck


Truck loaded
 1st stop - Gecamines 2 Sisters apartment. They were finishing cooking their breakfast
Outdoor Kitchen

Fish, Fu Fu, and sambé for breakfast
 Driving near the river, gardens are being harvested

 The De la Digue Elder's apartment.
Washing dishes outside

Bag of charbonne delivered
 Sights on the drive home.

There was a training meeting today for all trainers and their companions in the entire mission. Those from Likasi and Kolwezi traveled down last night to be here today. Here is a picture of the ones who arrived on time for the meeting. We went for a few minutes at lunch time to take care of some items with a few of the missionaries.

Saturday, June 10 - I don't go walking on Saturdays anymore. It seems like I can't get going on housework or cooking if I walk. Elder Peterson and Elder Eastmond are the only ones who go now.
Today I hurried to do the housework so I could cook. Made pancakes for breakfast and froze the remaining ones. 

Using the vegetables we bought last week, a huge put of chicken soup and a layered green salad was the result. When we eat the salad, I will add the tomatoes and avocado to the top. It should last for two meals. Grated zuchinni and carrot grace the darker colored muffins--the lighter colored ones are blueberry.

Two cartons of soup, green salad deluxe, carrot/zuchinni muffins, and blueberry muffins
Technology is wonderful!! At 10:45 p.m. we were able to FaceTime in and observe John baptize Arika a member of the Church. We were given permission to watch the baptism, but not for the confirmation. So it was a quick two minute peek. Short ordinance but the first step necessary for exaltation. We are proud of Arika for her choice.

Sunday, June 11 - We love our Gecamines 2 Ward. The people are very friendly. Before church started we were able to take a few photos. The goal is to write down their names so we can print the pictures and start learning more names.

Sister Dorcas Kaba Kibembe and her children

Ntanga Kazadi is the mother; Ilunga Mutombo is the father.
Children's names are: Kankolongo , Ilunga , Bénédite, Dorcace, and Ruthe

Gertrude Tshofu Tshenda and her husband;
Binti Baloyi is the 11 year old girl, need the name of the boy.
He is deacon age.

We didn't get their names this week. A grandfather with his grandchildren

Gloire Mwatu Kalanga is 14 years old

Keta MamishoTshipama and her son

Marie Paul and Bibiche Tshipama are investigating the church
After church we met the father of one of our home teaching families. His name is Nicholas Mbuyu Kinemba. He is father to Elise, Junior, Alain, and Pascaline. We wanted to take a picture, but some of the children had already left for home. He said he would make sure we can get a photo next Sunday. We talked to Pascaline. She said she was feeling better, not sick any more.

Sister Ndage Mbuyi who we visited at her home last week after church did not come to church today. We gave the Sister full time missionaries her name and they went today to visit with one of the ward missionaries.

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