Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12 - 18, 2017 - Departing and Arriving Missionaries

June 12 - Fun photos from our walk this morning.
 Two pigs came walking down the road. At first we thought they were with a man who was walking a little bit behind them. When we asked if they were his, he said, "No." The pigs passed us and crossed the road behind us.

This lady is at this corner every morning. Even on Sunday, she is setting up shop by 7:45 a.m. when we drive by on our way to church.  She is cooking sweet potatoes.We stopped and asked if we could take her picture. What a lovely smile!!

 We had walked only a few yards, when Elder Peterson found a 1,000 banknote on the ground. He picked it up, then turned around and started walking back to the lady. He said he was going to give it to her. The camera caught them just as he had handed her the money. Her face was full of gratitude and surprise. In U.S. money it is worth about 70 cents.
 These two pigs were playing by the lady. We asked where they lived. She said the man who owns them lives a long ways away, but the pigs come around and no one bothers them. We think they belong with the pigs we saw earlier.

Down a few streets we saw these chickens looking for food. Notice the black one among all the white ones.

If you look back to last Monday's post, June 5, you will see what this van looked like then. Now, one week later, the other van is gone and this is all that is left of this one.

 A couple of pigeons walked alongside us for a bit--long enough for me to take a few pictures of them. This is the best one.
 A mother walking her two children to school
 A group of school children stopped long enough for us to snap a photo of them. The little girl on the right didn't want her picture taken.
 The roses on the drive between Eastmond's house and ours has beautiful roses starting to bloom.

Holly hocks in the courtyard garden

June 13 - Nature Walk again this morning
River looks beautiful here

Elder Eastmond picks these flowers for Sister Eastmond almost every day

Other beautiful flowers that smell heavenly

Back home checking out the beautiful roses

Notice the spider on the lower petal

Elder Eastmond found a dead moth 

It is a very big moth in E. Eastmond's palm
June 14, 2017 - During our morning walk, we came upon the car cemetery.

Anyone need a quarter panel for your car?

'Tis the season to burn the garbage

2 chickens vying for "king of the garbage hill" title

Smoke from burning garbage fires behind these women walking toward us

Group of ladies consented to pose for a photo
The Noah's Ark School
Departing Missionaries - June 14

President Shumard, Elder Mukuna, Elder Tunga, Elder Musalu
Sister Diakayilua, Sister Shumard

Arriving Missionaries
Sister Shumard, Sister Kabangu from Kinshasa, Elder Rasolonjatovo from Madagascar, Elder

June 15 - Morning walk, doing "steps" near the "lake." I never get tired of looking at the beautiful sunrise over the water.

There is a mining exhibition here at the Pullman Hotel (formerly the Karavia Hotel) at the end of next week. The tent is getting a new look. The DRC flag colors.

Dr. Peterson says this is the first step in the demise of a car. The license plate is hanging on crooked.

The sunset tonight is gorgeous.

June 16 walk
 Saw two boys filling the bedons with water. Using a carrier they wheeled the water toward home. They left 3 empty bedons at the water station. It will take another trip to get them.
This little boy could wheel two bedons by himself.

When the older brother added another bedon he started to push

Beautiful clouds this morning
Tonight we went to dinner at the Turkish restaurant. It is our second time eating there. Food is good and reasonably priced.
I had a chicken shawarma

Elder Peterson had a chicken dinner (on the right) that came with a salad and
five kinds of dip (plate on the left) for the bread (thin tortilla like) that is
covering the pieces of chicken (plate on the right)
June 17 - Saturday, Preparation Day
As I moved the curtain to open it, out popped this tiny gecko.

Butterfly on the wall just outside our back door
Elder Peterson and Elder Eastmond went on a 3 hour long explore. Too bad they didn't take a camera so there are photos.

Washing clothes and cleaning the apartment took up the morning. Elder Peterson went to buy groceries and then had an audit meeting that lasted from 3 - 6 p.m.

It takes me an hour and a half to clean all the vegetables and fruits in bleach water. I then made a large green salad, put red kidney beans in the crock pot to cook.

Carlos came by with another bowl he made for us. It looks great with the other two he made.

Another beautiful sunset

Sunday, June 18. This is a picture of my hand at 7:30 a.m.  It still doesn't close all the way but it is so much better than it was at first.

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