Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 20 - 26, 2017 - Thanksgiving and Member Visits

November 20 - On our walk this morning we went to the bridge. It is getting worse
One of these days a tire is going to get stuck in one of the holes. Sure hope it is not one of our truck tires.
This afternoon we went back to show Sœur Dorcas the rest of the movie. We actually started it over again. We met in her neighbor's home

While waiting for Sœur Dorcas we visited with children outside the home. They sang a Swahili song.
Sœur Dorcas, her children, and a bunch of neighborhood children watching the movie, "The Testaments."
Part of the group pose for a photo as we depart.
Crossing the bridge on our way home.
November 21 - On our walk we found these Christmas trees made our of tires near the small hyper pisaro.

2 Sister Missionaries left today - Sœur Nsenda and Sœur Dasse

November 22, 2017 - Morning walk - Garbage being burned on the side of the road.

Corn is getting big. Near the river across from the Catholic church back yard
From the rain last night-- a taste of what this road is going to be like. Rainy season just starting.
The building in the background is getting a roof. It has been almost two years waiting.

We now have a new phrase. Instead of "flat as a pancake" it will now be "Flat as a FROG!"
We have seen so many flat frogs. Not much contrast with the dirt. He has been run over so many times. I should have moved him to the green grass so he can be seen.
 David, this is for you.

 This parcel is  not for sale.
November 23, 2017 - Thanksgiving Day in the United States. For us here, it is a normal work day in the office. Between duties in the office, we would run home to get a little more ready for the dinner tonight.

Dinner was at the Mission Home at 6 p.m.
Notice the drop of rain at the bottom of the flower

"Pumpkin" Squash pies

Thanksgiving Table

"Sweet potatos" Squash and Stuffing

Turkey and croissants

Jello, mashed potatoes, olives

relish tray with dip

Sister Shumard's famous broccoli salad

Snickers ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate cake

Pumpkin Pie, Congolese Surprise pie
 November 24

Notice the cute green rubber boots
 President Shumard's basketball standard still isn't fixed correctly.
 Just try to "bank" a shot with the hoop upside down.

 November 25 - We had two appointments to show the movie "The Testaments"
Waiting for Lorianne to come home

Lorianne's Home

Large picture on one wall of her home

Lorianne with her daughter Orvalene and a bunch of neighbor children

This little girl is knitting

Love this hairstyle

She is not happy

Sister Peterson with Lorianne's new baby

Lorianne at the moment the Savior heals Helam in the movie

Elder Peterson and the baby

Elder Peterson with the children

Lorianne, Orvaline, Sister Peterson

Sister Peterson, Sarah, Moïse
 We then went to Théthé and Alexandre's home.
Their 3 daughters and a friend

Inside their home

Lace decorates the walls
 On the way home we forgot to make a left turn. Ended up crossing this bridge to get back to where we needed to be.
 November 26 - At church. Pictures with Sœur Gertrude who made Sister Peterson's Congolese outfit.

 After English class, children in the street by the church
 Our little friend is there to greet us as we come to the church and as we leave. She has a smile and a wave for us. Her little brother is starting to crawl to the bridge to try to meet us too.
 A transport on the way home. The man who takes the money for the ride has the sliding door open is rides hanging on while they drive down the road.