Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October 2 - 8, 2017 - General Conference, Birthday

 October 2 - Morning walk

Jackaranda tree - purple flowers

Pieces of wood used as a retainer to keep grass in its place

Same yard - pieces of wood at bottom left of picture

Goats and the generator locked up at the Catholic Church

Wedding Chapel behind the Catholic church

This truck has seen better days
Keeping watch over the construction of this beautiful home.

Ilunga, our gardner was trimming the palm tree in our backyard.

The mango tree planted a few months ago has grown very tall.
Elder Peterson and Ilunga

At the Luano apartment this morning.

Missionaries there had already hung out their laundry.
Found Baskin & Robbins - Congolese style. Loved the ice cream. Thanks President Shumard!
They even had oreo and snickers!!
Many flavors to choose from

Happy workers dishing up ice cream

It is a spoonful of heaven indeed!!

The Wall
October 3
"Ralph" just keeps giving his parts away

nice looking chickens

My birthday picture with Elder Peterson

Frog I almost stepped on just outside our back patio.
 October 5 - On our morning walk we saw this woman in her wheelchair. I pushed her for a while, then Elder Bleak took over. He pushed her up to the roundabout and got her safely through the busy traffic to the other side.

Love the jackaranda tree

Part of "Ralph"

 October 6 - Pictures of children going to school

These chickens were not going to school. However, their mother did lead them over to a garbage pile and was teaching them to scratch around in it for food.  Maybe that was their school.
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September 25 - October 1, 2017 - Mini Transfer - 3 new missionaries

September 27 - 

Teaching our English class.

Relief Society is held on Wednesdays at 3:30.  We went outside after our English class to see what they were doing. Today the sisters were making fufu and cooking chicken over charbonne.

Yolande and Tete
They let me take a turn at stirring the fufu. You have to hold the pan with your feet. It was HOT!! I didn't do a great job stirring.

Viviane with the chicken

Viviane cooking chicken over charbonne

September 28

The lillies in the courtyard garden

The mango tree between our house and the Eastmonds
September 29

ditch dug getting ready for the rainy season

Crops planted in this area

A look at things to come

The big red truck is missing from in front of this house.

A counselor in the Karavia Ward walking his children to school
September 29 - We went home teaching to the Kinemba Family.  Met with 5 of the teenage family members. Spoke to the father briefly before he had to go to work. Read parts of 3 Nephi Chapter 11 and 17. Talked about Jesus coming to America and showing himself to the Nephites. Each person (about 2500) touched his wounds one by one. He then took the children and blessed each one by one.
We then visited Sister Sina and Francis and gave a shortened version.