Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 30 - November 5, 2017 - Sisters Conference, Zone Conferences in Lubumbashi

October 30 - On our walk this morning, we took this picture that is so typical of an early morning. Women are out sweeping their courtyard areas with a broom made of sticks.

 She then posed for a picture with her friend. Very happy friendly people.
 All the Sister Missionaries of the Mission came together to watch the October Women's Conference Session in French. I took along the English printed translation so I could understand what was being said.

 October 31 - We walked past this home being built, complete with a septic tank on the left side of the photo.

This little boy, dressed for school, including an apron, was walking with his mother.

We had vehicle inspection this afternoon. Elder Bleak took out all the air filters and clean them thoroughly.

Elder Peterson checking fluids under each hood.
 November 1 - Walked by the Pullman Hotel. There are beautiful trees and flowers on the grounds.

 Traffic on the way to English class.
 November 2, This is the bridge we cross over many times during the week. It is on our way to the Gecamines 2 church building.

It needs a good repair, but here they only do spot patching.

 Solange went with us to buy farine (flour to make fufu) and oil. We are taking it to Sister Sina today. It is her husband who passed away last week. Solange insisted on carrying the farine on her head.

We parked the truck at the church and walked to Sister Sina's home. After delivering the food to her, we walked to Gracia and Nadege's home. On the way we passed this vehicle after crossing the foot bridge. We are not sure exactly how it got here--probably on a little cart. A vehicle can't be driven to this particular spot--road not passable from all directions.

A closer look at the car
 We showed the movie "The Testaments" to Gracia and Nadege, their children, and some neighbors. It was the first time we had met Gracia. He has always been gone when we visited previously. They watch intently and were touched by the Savior's Crucifixion and visit to America.
The covering for their front door

We placed the laptop computer o the top of this table.

Gracia on the left; Nadege on the extreme right
 November 3 - At 6 a.m. these children are waiting to go to school. They are directly across from our compound.

Vehicle carrying Masonite board.
 Traffic was heavy so the car decided to go on a dirt roadway on the right to get around the vehicles in front of him.

 Today was the Kisanga Zone Conference. We are part of that zone.
Sister Peterson's birthday was recognized at the zone conference

Elder Mbala 
 After Zone Conference the Sister missionaries went outside for a photo shoot

Sister Shumard & Sister Peterson in Congolese dresses

Sister Peterson with Sister Tshiyani

Sister Peterson with Sister Conteh

Most of the Elders in the Zone

Elder & Sister Peterson 

Sister Conteh & Sister Peterson
 Photos taken on the way back from Zone Conference

November 4 - Went to a baptism this morning.
HAKUNAMATATA  on the back of this truck

Sister Missionaries, Gordion's uncle, Gordion, his mother and brother, his aunt, more sister missionaries, a young cousin, and his uncle

Gordion with the sister missionaires

Sister Conteh, Gordion, his mother, Sister Tshiyani

Sister Peterson, Gordion, Elder Peterson
 The Kisanga Stake President, President Tshibanda and his wife are relatives of Gordion.
President Tshibanda, Gordion, Sister Conteh, Soeur Lilly, Sister Tshianyi

President & Soeur Lilly Tshibanda
 We were invited to the stake president's home after the baptism for refreshments with the friends and family of Gordion. We found out today that Soeur Keta in our ward is Soeur Lilly's youngest sister. She used to carry Soeur Keta on her back.
Soeur Keta and Soeur Lilly

President Tshibanda and his youngest sister
 At 1 p.m. we met with Soeur Nana, her children, and some of the neighbors. We showed the movie "Legacy" to them.

At 3 p.m. we were supposed to teach the music leading class. No one came until about 4. In the meantime we showed movies to a few children who were hanging out at the church.
 It put some of them to sleep.

This was the third and final class of the music directing class. Elder Peterson was a great translator. Cynthia was a great supporter and a help also in the class. She leads the music for Sacrament Meeting and is the Choir Director.

We have a new robot at one of the roundabouts
 November 5.
The family of Jacque and Sandra--investigators

Marie and her children. She was baptized a week ago.

This little girl is one year old today
 Soeur Lorianne had a baby boy. Today was the first she has been to church with him. The baby was blessed today.

 After the Sunday meetings we walked with the High Priest group leader to Sister Sina's house. Most of the extended family has dispersed.
Imbie, Terese, Soeur Sina, and we think her three sisters, her son Francis, and a young female relative
 Back at the church Lorianne was still there with her family
Lorianne and Orvaline

Sister Peterson, Soeur Lorianne, Orvaline
 Lorianne's husband served a mission in Kinshasa. This a picture of them with one of his former companions and his wife. Not sure the relationship of the other young girl in the photos.