Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 6 - 12, 2017 - Departing, Arriving Missionaries, Transfers - Joe Heart Attack

February 6 - One our morning walk we saw a century plant. It only blooms once in its lifetime. We are going to keep our eye on this to see when it comes in full bloom.

This picture was taken of Solange when she came to work today. She is a beautiful woman.
We take running water for granted in Africa as well as in the United States. The water truck arrived this morning to fill our two tanks here at the compound. We are so grateful we don't have to wait for the city to turn the water back on. Apparently there is a construction project somewhere around here that prompted them to turn the water off in the first place.

Water Truck 

Water Hose

Ilunga on top of one of the tanks

Men were here to see about fixing the well we have in the compound.

Departing Missionaries at dinner

February 7 - On our morning walk through the golf course we saw these egrets.

Last Saturday, our driveway had new cement poured on part of it. This is what it looks like this morning.

Notice the plastic pole is actually cemented in.  Congolese way.
Missing my mom today. Every time I open my email this is what I see.

We used her computer and my IPAD to "Hangout" with a video call every Sunday morning before she went to Church. It was about 4 p.m. here in the Congo and we could talk for an hour before she needed to leave for Church.

February 10 - Nine a.m.  Got a FaceTime from Sarah - Midnight Thursday, Utah time. Rebecca's husband, Joe is having a heart attack and going to the hospital.  5 p.m. Joe had a stint put in one of the main arteries to his heart was 95% blocked. So grateful for good doctors and their knowledge.

February 11 - Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude this morning. Our Heavenly Father is truly watching over our family. Observing from half a world away is very hard, but heartwarming as each of you rallied around Rebecca Cottongim and Joe to help in their time of need. Prayers,Priesthood blessings, texts, phone calls, helping with children--everything adds up to LOVE in our family. We are so proud to be your parents. You are taking good care of one another in our absence. We love you all more than words can express. Have a blessed, gratitude filled Sabbath tomorrow.

February 12 - Face Timed with Rebecca. Joe is home from the hospital and doing OK. His parents flew in yesterday.

Spent the afternoon listening to both Dad and Mom's funerals and watching the video of the pictures of their lives. Shed many tears, thought about many memories of a wonderful life with them as my parents. 

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