Friday, January 20, 2017

October 17 - November 6, 2016 - Sharing Mom & Dad's Possessions, Cabin, Provo City Temple, Cedar City

October 17 - Continuing to go through Mom and Dad's house dividing things.

Shauna was the default primary family caregiver for her mom while she lingered before passing away. During that time we were never able to adequately focus on Shauna's recovery.  That has now changed and she has made significant progress in the last week.  The therapist understands and appreciates our goal and with that in mind started this week having three sessions rather than two each week.  He will see how the three sessions work out this week to determine whether she continues with three per week or she goes back to two sessions.  There is the matter of doing too much too quick that is a real concern.  We also will be seeing the surgeon, Dr. Baucom, this week as well.  Everyone involved has their utmost concern and best welfare in mind for Shauna which is very comforting.

This morning she had her first therapy session for this week.  It was 90 minutes of literal torture for her. Unfortunately, it is not just the elbow that needs attention but her shoulder, wrist and hand as well. She still cannot cup her hand and the shoulder has some upward limitations.  Hopefully, in a week they can start concentrating on rotating the arm as well.

The therapist is encouraged with the progress that has been made since starting therapy  Our goal for the elbow is to get to 150 degrees of her arms extension.  She started at 90 degrees and is now at 135 degrees leaving 15 degrees to go, not bad.  In the other direction the goal is 0 degrees. She started at -85 degrees and now is at -45 degrees, leaving 45 degrees to go.  The encouraging point here is that most of that progress has been in the last week.

I seem to be painting a rather gloomy picture.  But I can't say enough of the commitment, courage, and faith of my dear wife. She religiously does all her exercises, stretches, and routines without complaint.  We have put our trust in Heavenly Father, after all else we can do, and know whenever and however this episode pans out it will be for everyone's best.

We feel fortunate to have been able to spend the last month with Shauna's mother. Her passing was very peaceful.  Although the estate of Shauna's mom was well planned, there are still a lot of matters to deal with.

October 20 - Ron, Joe, Wesley, Chloe, Grady, and Emma went to the cabin today. There was a snow getting into the cabin, but they made it OK.

Logs ready to be burned

October 21 - Becca and I went to the cabin this afternoon. I wanted Ron to just come home and forget putting everything away but he said No. Jared and Liz and family came up too.

October 22 - Everything at the cabin put away and buttoned up for the winter.

November 4 - Met Sister Vance at the Provo City Temple for a session. Then continued driving to Cedar City to spend the weekend with Rachael and her family.

November 5 - Went to an SUU football game with Rachael and family. Had a great time being with them.

Rachael, Klint, Kortney

Olivia resting on the bench next to grandpa

Rachael & Klint
Ron & Shauna

November 6 - Today would have been my mother's 91st birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!! Your present is being with Dad again.

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