Friday, January 20, 2017

August 22 - 28 - Transfer Week - To Joburg & on to UTAH

August 22 - Busy week. It is transfers. Six departing and 4 arriving missionaries. I spoke with Sister French in Johannesburg. She is the mental health adviser for the missionaries. I have a great deal of anxiety about my arm. Dr. Jubber has recommended that we come to South Africa to check it out. Our flight is Thursday. We should be there for about a week. There is much to do before Thursday. My arm hurts when I type for very long. I place it on a pillow for support.

August 25 - Flew to Johannesburg.  Abraham met us at the airport and drove us to Duke Court where Elder and Sister French showed us the apartment we will be staying in while here.

Went to the mall across to street to check out the eating choices. Bought some food for breakfast at the grocery store there.

Ate a great dinner later on at the mall. Elder & Sister French had a meeting.

August 26 - Elder French drove us to the hospital for x-rays; then back to the apartment for lunch. After lunch Dr. Jubber took us to meet with a specialist who ordered a CT scan. Back to his office for the results. Not good - elbow not just broken. Apparently it will take plates and screws to put it back together. A piece of bone has broken off. It has been without blood now for 5 weeks and may not be able to reattach. After consultation Dr. Jubber recommends we go home to Salt Lake for the surgery and physical therapy.

Elder & Sister Jubber, Sister & Elder Peterson
 Elder and Sister Walton take us out to dinner.

August 27 - A couple drive us north to meet Sean and Dianne Donnelly at a farmer's market. We spent a great day with them, going back to their home in Pretoria.

We had a real South African Braai at their home and they took us to the airport to catch the flight to Atlanta.

Our only regret - we didn't get to go to the Johannesburg Temple while we were there. It was closed for their two week maintenance.

August 28 - Leslie met us in Atlanta.

What a welcome surprise!!

We caught the first flight for Salt Lake City. There was a welcoming committee waiting for us.

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