Friday, January 20, 2017

September 12 - October 2, 2016 - Ron at Cabin, Senior Missionary Reunion, General Conference

September 12 - Today is Aleece's birthday

September 13 - A minimum of pain medicine is all that is being used. I don't want to have to chase the pain. It is being held to a level of "0" with one percocet every 4 hours.  My arm is wrapped and in a splint and a sling. For two weeks the arm will rest and heal. Then we will start physical therapy. The doctor wants to minimize the possibility of infection and opening the stitches. So I am trying to be a good patient and stay quiet.

Today us Ron's 70th Birthday. Not exactly what we would have planned for his celebration.

Thankfully my mother is having no pain from the cancer. Ron is being a good nurse for both of us. Hospice started coming in today to help mother shower. It is more a safety issue--they are  in the room in case she needs assistance. I am of no use to her in that capacity right now,

She has had visits from family and friends since the diagnosis last Tuesday. She is in good spirits and we happily walk down memory lane. She expresses gratitude all the time for such a good life and loved ones.
We are being blessed.  I'm trying not to think too far ahead to physical therapy. We will take one day at a time--one degree of progress at a time.

Ron went to the cabin yesterday afternoon. Needed to check on the grass he planted last Monday.

September 14 -  Ron will be back tonight from the cabin. He and Elder Barlow need to facetime in the morning. Time for soutien to be sent out.

September 19 - It is very difficult to sit here and do nothing knowing that in the Congo everyone is so busy with the every day happenings in the mission. We spent yesterday with our children and grandchildren having a September birthday dinner . It is great to be here with them and spend some time with our mothers and the new baby of course. But our heart is in the Congo knowing that that is where we are supposed to be serving, We are grateful for this time to be here with my mother and hope that her time between now and the day that dad comes to get her is short. We don't want her to suffer. At the moment she's not in pain and we are very grateful for that. It's very difficult to sit day by day wondering if this will be the last. It kind of wears on your nerves a bit but we're making the best of it and trying to handle some of the details that can be taken care of while we are still here. 

Doctors appointment will be this Thursday afternoon hopefully we can start on a rigorous therapy session schedule next week. We are missing the missionaries. It is extremely hard knowing that Elder Bosso,  Elder Yapo, and Elder Bitty will have completed their mission and will have returned home by the time we get back .

I pray for a physical therapist who is mean and will make me work hard,  will push me through the pain and be able to get the elbow back to where it needs to be. Elder Peterson has been clocking in about 4 miles each day he goes out for about an hour so. I thought perhaps I would have a lot of time to study French but my my mind has not been able to focus these past three weeks very much so I am way behind in my French lessons. 

September 27 - first therapy appointment at 9 a.m. Therapist is Darrin Stratford. We really like him. Ron knows his dad who worked for Utah Power. I will go every Tuesday and Thursday for one hour. Everything is pretty stiff. Working on exercises. Hand and arm swollen. Lots of knots in the muscles. Confident the Lord will help me endure and conquer.

September 29 - Sister Cook hosted a reunion for couples who have served in the Lubumbashi Mission. Clark and Shelly Davis from Brigham City picked us up to take us to Lehi. Sister Cook served a delicious salmon dinner.

Clark & Shelley Davis

Brother & Sister Wright

Glenda & Neil Draper

Janet Cook & Heather Vance

Shauna & Ron Peterson

Susan & Gary Neeley

Terri & Kevin Clawson

Vaun & Renee Mikesell

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