Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 19-20, 2016 - Spaghetti and Golf Branch in Kasembalesa

March 19 - We went for our usual walk/run with the Peterson's. Since it was Saturday and we didn't have to hurry back, we went farther and found a spot to cross the "river". We had been trying to find a place at various points along its paths. We get into a neighborhood and then find a dead end. Well, together Dr. Peterson's persistence to find a spot to cross paid off.

There are pictures of the bridge we crossed, then the stones we had to step on to go the rest of the way. While we were trying to get across, a lady came from the opposite side, walked the round pipe, and went on her way

This past week we went out every day at 6 a.m. We usually are back here by 7 a.m. or shortly afterward so we can get ready and be at the office early.

The sunrises here are very beautiful. One main attraction in the city is the mine tailings and smoke stack. It reminds us of Kennecott at home. Today we walked sufficiently close to take a picture.

We enjoy being out and about exploring the neighborhoods near us. Each day we go down a different side street. It's quiet, some people are out, children are walking to school--sometimes older siblings or parents walk with them.  We have seen a couple of different school buses pick students up. It depends on which school they go to as to which bus they ride. There is not a public school system here. All students have to pay to go to school; therefore, some children cannot afford to go.

Many homes have walls around an area, with a gated entrance. Today I took some pictures of gates we passed.

A mother hen and her very small chicks. 

We were also interested in the papaya tree with its green fruit. 

A beauty shop

An ambulance

 A goat who had chewed through his rope was wandering with her two babies.

The two babies

President and Sister Thomas left this morning to attend the Likasi District Conference. The rest of us got together for spaghetti topped with mozzarella cheese, dinner complete with toasted garlic baguettes, a Greek salad with feta cheese, and honey cakes and chocolate ice cream for dessert. Doctor and Sister Peterson have been to several places in Africa hunting. We discussed that at dinner. Then we went to the mission home great room to watch a movie on the large TV screen.

Sunday, March 20 - I have been fighting a hacking dry cough  like  grandma Wood's for the past 10 days. We were all going to go to Kasembalesa for church today (a 2 hour drive from here). Sister Cook, who is starting with the cough, and I stayed at home and went only to Sacrament Meeting at the Katuba Ward. Ron, Sister Vance, and the other Peterson couple went to Kasembalesa. Dr. Peterson needed to check on four Elders there complaining of skin problems. We will all have to go again some time before June so Sister Cook can go there.

The well to get water

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