Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 15 - 19, 2016 Week Before Transfers

Monday, February 15. Today was the deadline for the Shutterfly books. I got everything uploaded and sent. Hopefully they all turn out. The Internet here is soooooo slow--loading all those pictures on the pages seemed to take forever.

Sister Draper and I went through the supplies that aren't "mission" related. There are many boxes that could be used in the Districts for their branches. We talked to President Thomas about it and he will check with the District presidents to see if they want some of it.

The Sisters, Vance and Cook, made the Valentine Family Home Evening treat tonight.

Tuesday, February 16 - Thursday, February 18 - This is the week before Transfers. So we are busy getting the arrival and departure packets ready, making sure we have everything we need for the new missionary supply kits we give them. That is the sheets, blankets, pillow, etc.

These beautiful roses are right outside my office window.

Ilunga, the mission home gardener.

Friday, February 19 - Elder and Sister Bennett came down from Likasi today.  We gathered supplies for them to take back.

We had a farewell dinner for the Mikesells and Drapers while Bennetts are here. They can't come next week for the "official" farewell dinner because of teaching obligations. They teach several English classes during the week and are starting this weekend Saturday and Sunday Temple preparation classes. They are doing a fantastic work in the Likasi area. Both of them went on a French-speaking mission in their youth. It is a real plus that both of them speak the language.

Dinner was subway sandwiches with all the fixin's.  Notice the "crocodile" bread the Bennetts brought from a shop in Likasi.

I can't figure out how to rotate the picture so you can see the "crocodile" better.

Elder & Sister Benett, President and Sister Thomas

Sister Draper, Sister Cook, Sister Vance, Elder and Sister Peterson

Elder and Sister Draper, Sister Cook

Sister Vance, Sister Cook, Elder and Sister Peterson

President Thomas

Sister Thomas

Elder and Sister Bennett

Elder Draper

Sister Draper and Sister Cook

Elder and Sister Peterson

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