Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 20 - 21, 2016 - Kawama Ward with Emmanuel

February 21 - Here are the beautiful trees just in front of the Mikesell's home.

Close up of the flowers

Flowers in front of the Mission Home

We went with the Mikesells to Emmanuel's ward, the Kawama Ward, today for Sacrament Meeting. 

After church we went to their house. Elder Mikesell needed to give a typhoid shot to their youngest daughter. They have two girls and one boy.

Marlene had fixed lunch for us so we went into the house for foo foo and sambé. She also had dried fish in a sauce. It tasted very good.

Emmanuel and Marlene built a large one room house of bricks when they married. Then they added two rooms on the back and a garage on the side.  They have a beautiful garden and have dug a well. Emmanuel is building a larger house next to the existing house. It is made of brick and is ready for the stucco to be put on and the roof. There will be more room in the new house. It has three bedrooms. He then will be able to rent the other one.

It was great to be in their home and enjoy their hospitality.
Fou fou, sambé, and fish in a sauce

Emmanuel's home

Sister and Elder Peterson, Elder and Sister Mikesell, Emmanuel

Emmanuel and Marlene's new home

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