Sunday, March 13, 2016

February 22 - 26, 2016 - Mikesell's Leave, Peterson's Arrive

February 23 - We went downtown fabric shopping today.
Sister Vance trying to decide which pieces to buy.

This is the garden Elder and Sister Draper planted just after we got here in December. Lettuce and tomatoes. The gardener, Ilunga, says it won't mature because it will get too much rain. Time will tell.

We had two missionaries departing today. Tomorrow we have three missionaries arriving from the Ghana MTC. They are all English speaking from Malwia. They spent extra weeks at the MTC for French language training, so that is why they are off schedule.

This small transfer, moving a few missionaries around to make room for the 3 new ones, helped me in going through this process again with Sister Draper.

We had the Mikesells' join us for dinner. We had a chicken soup. It seems we have soup a lot. Vegetables here are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Meat, however, is very expensive. So a little meat in a soup can go a long way with the vegetables. It is filling and very good for us.

Thursday, February 25 - Elder Lorin and Sister Nancy Peterson arrived today around noon. He is our medical adviser for the mission. She is a nurse, so we will have a great team to tend to the medical needs of our missionaries. Elder and Sister Mikesell are leaving in the morning so they had this afternoon to fill them in on some issues they have been dealing with.

The Petersons will be a great addition to the mission and fit in very well with everyone. We will miss the Mikesells but are grateful their replacements can take over and be such good friends.

We all attended the usual departure testimony meeting where those who are leaving have a chance to bear their testimony. There were 2 young Elders, Elder and Sister Mikesell, and Elder and Sister Draper (who will be leaving next Tuesday).

After the testimony meeting Sister Thomas had a farewell dinner for the Mikesells. She and President Thomas took the 2 young Elders out to dinner on Wednesday night. Sister Thomas invited Justin, (his wife Christine was not able to attend. They have a fairly new baby), Emmanuel and his wife MarLynne, Solange and her husband Nell to come. We had ham and cheese subs on baguettes with all the trimmings. Many pictures were taken for this last time all together.

Marlynne & Emmanuel

Elder & Sister Lorin & Nancy Peterson, Elder & Sister Draper

Marlynne and Emmanuel, Sister & Elder Draper

Solange and husband Nell, Sister & President Thomas

Sister Vance singing her farewell song to the Mikesell's

February 26 - A tearful goodbye to Elder Vaun and Sister Renee Mikesell. They are flying home to St. George, Utah today. We took pictures and more pictures.

We all went to the Chinese Restaurant tonight for Draper's official farewell dinner. The food was delicious. We were all able to be seated around a very large round table. Conversation was lively. We all got to know the Petersons better. Elder and Sister Draper wish they could stick around for a while.

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