Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 12 - 13, 2016 - Katuba Stake Conference

March 12, 

We have been going with the other Peterson's at 6 a.m. to walk/run for about an hour exercise most days. It is good to know that someone is waiting for us--that is good incentive not to roll over and say, we will go exercise tomorrow.  Ron had soutien to do yesterday, so he didn't come home until about 2 a.m. He didn't go on the Saturday morning walk with us. We got permission to walk inside the golf course. It was beautiful. We were able to see the small Hyper Psaro  across the water from a different perspective. 

We needed water to be delivered. The well had a small problem.

About 2 p.m. we went down to Ma Maison to look for a phone for Elder Peterson. His phone was not keeping a charge so President Thomas told him to go buy another one. We were gone wayyyyy toooo long. We even got a bit lost on the way home because I said, "I know where to go to get home" from Ma Maison, but I really didn't. We went down a wrong road and then another one and anyway, let's just say we went on a bit of a Saturday drive. Somehow we ended up in Ruashi. I said, "There is the Ruashi Market". I know where we are now. So we turned around and headed back into town. However, I didn't remember exactly where to go--but we kept driving and eventually we ran onto a road where Ron knew how to get us back here.  

In the meantime, the other Petersons were waiting for us to come back to go for some dinner--They were calling us, but his new phone was not synced so it wasn't showing who was calling. Since he was driving and I didn't want to try to speak with Elders who would be speaking in French, I didn't answer his phone. Come to find out, it was the Peterson's who were calling. They were a bit worried that we weren't back yet.  Anyway, they went to dinner. Here is a picture of the wonderful relaxing place they went to. We will have to go with them sometime.

We came home and ate leftovers. I started with a cough yesterday and wasn't feeling the best.

Sunday, March 13,  was the Katuba Stake Conference. President spoke and Sister Thomas bore her testimony. As last week, I didn't understand all of President's words, but I certainly did FEEL his testimony. He is a very powerful spiritual man. We love listening to him and learning from him. I sorta feel like I am cheating -- when he spends so much time pondering and studying  and coming up with such great thoughts and then I just write down the gems in notes and take from him. He is so wonderful to share with us.

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