Friday, December 4, 2015

Working with Ward and Stake Leaders

Elder Holland said, "We have nothing to do but build the Kingdom of God. Give it your heart and soul".

Exodus 17:8-12 - Moses is the local leader. Aaron and Hur were on either side of him holding up his arms. If we falter, the war against Satan will win. We can't replace Moses. We support him, sustain, and help him. Propose ideas of sitting on a rock and holding up his arms.

Alma 17:24-29 - Serve long term. We need to win their hearts. Lord's power is in us. Ammon was humble. He didn't take the opportunity to marry the daughter and become a prince. He identified a need in the other servants.

Elder Eyring said: We have more in common with them than differences. Speak well of each other. Do not judge others.See that you do not judge wrongfully. If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. Speak generously of others. Do not be guilty of sowing seeds of disunity.

Why learn the language? They will trust us, they love to help teach me. Another tool to help them.

Don't put a limit on what one of the Lord's servants can do.

it is not our mission - we are an assistant to the Savior. We are a servant of the Lord. We are doing the things the Savior would do it He were here.

Miracles will be performed, bless, teach, heal, love, forgive, baptize.

Peter walking on water had faith to TRY. Take one step, then a 2nd step. The Savior will be there to pull us up. Get out of the boat and TRY.

Open your mouth and shake hands. You are not there to change their culture. Don't say you're doing it wrong. Don't say, In Utah we did it like this.

Smile a lot
Learn to love them
More listening, less talking
Heart to heart
Spirit to spirit
Be humble
Help less active become friends with someone in the branch whose testimony is strong.
Never leave a house without leaving a spiritual message - thought, scripture, poem, song, etc.

Don't get them attached to you or when you leave, they will go too.
You don't want to pick up prejudice's from an earlier couple.
Help them find answers in the handbook.
Apathy hard to overcome. "I don't care" attitude. Bring new "trained" blood in there.
Reactivate the less active Branch President. He took several families out and he will bring them back in.
Show how to delegate.

You don't have to memorize scriptures.
I can find them.
Open my mouth - don't be afraid
Spirit can put words in my mouth
Listen - emphasizing get to know you, assess needs
Role play really helped, but I wasn't pretending
Spirit can utilize us
Teach people - not lessons
Keep my ears open for ways to serve.
Don't have to be a scriptorian to teach
Use our own gifts and talents. Be creative in using them.
Learn to follow the spirit - pray, slow down, read scriptures
Teach life lessons - use our experiences
Draw closer to our companion

Elder Holland -
Your mission is real life
Come to the edge - NO
No, we'll fall
So we came to the edge
He pushed us and
We Flew

Push to the edge 0 out where things happen
Boil water   210 degrees - no steam    212 degrees - steam

Man's extremity is God's opportunity

D&C 31:3
Lift up your heart. The hour of your mission is come.
We can do hard things.
You are clay molded in God's hands.

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