Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 14, 2015 - Family Pictures

Family Pictures were taken today prior to our leaving for the mission.

The Entire Family

Olivia, Klint, Rachael, Kortney, Russell

Brittney, Hayley, Scott, Erin, Mallory

Ella, Tera, David, Ezra

Aleece, Erin, Shauna, Ron, Leslie, Sarah, Shayna
Rebecca, David, Jared, Rachael

Sarah, John, Aleece, Scott, Erin, Shauna, Ron, Leslie, Doug, Shayna, James
Trent, Joe, Rebecca, Tera, David, Jared, Liz, Rachael, Klint

Nyah, Shayna, James Kenzie, Mason, Graham

Betty Wood

Shauna and Betty

Leah, Jared, Liz, Colten
Andrew, Jacob, Justin, Emma

Reeghan, Trent, Sarah, Paetan
Easton, Stratton

Aleece, John
AJ, Arika, Kaitlin

Wesley, Joe, Grady, Rebecca, Chloe

Kaydee, Brayden, Conner, Doug
Griffin, Leslie, Ryder

Ron and Shauna

The Great-Grandchildren with Betty Wood

The Grandchildren with Shauna and Ron

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