Monday, December 21, 2015

December 20, 2015 - Bel Air Ward and Lubumbashi Stake Center Christmas Music Program

December 20 - Today is Doug and Klint's birthdays. We wish them a great day.

We attended the Bel Air Ward this morning with Elder and Sister Mikesell. Sacrament Meeting was spoken in French. The Sunday School class was a mixture of French and Swahili. If the members made a comment in Swahili, the teacher would respond in Swahili. Then he would switch back to French. Since I couldn't follow it, I opened my scriptures and read in English.

After lunch we went to the Lubumbashi Stake Center where the last of the music programs was held.

 It was the best one attended by the members of the stake. The chapel and chairs way back in the culture hall were filled. In addition to the missionary choir, their stake choir, two ward choirs, and two children's choirs sang. Sister Draper was glad to have it finished. She has been practicing every Wednesday with all the missionaries here in the city.

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