Friday, December 4, 2015

November 22, 2015 - Devotional - Stephen Allen, Mission Department

Sister Nancy Allen

Alma 36:3
Endure to the end means work hard not just waiting. Open the door - step into the arms of our Savior.

Stephen Allen - Missionary Department

You are at war with Satan. He has an army against you. They will start pushing your buttons. They know you. They will put obstacles in your path.

D&C 46 - seduced by evil spirits. He would love to see you give up and quit.

Thousands will join the Church because of your service.

The buttons Satan pushes:

  • You are not good enough
  • You are not smart enough
  • You can't learn the language
  • Pride - I'm so good
  • Your family needs you to go home.
  • I don't know if I have been forgiven. Otherwise God would help me forget. Satan wants us to remember. If you have been forgiven by Priesthood leaders, forge it and move on. Don't be judge and jury of yourself. The Savior is never disappointed when someone repents. That is why He performed the Atonement.

Alma 26:27 Ammon's homecoming address
Bear with patience thine afflictions
Privation - voluntarily give up\
Stay here and endure the MTC
Don't listen to Satan! You can do this

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