Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 2 - 4, 2015 - Home in Lubumbashi

December 2 - 4, 2015 - Our Home in Lubumbashi

As we arrived at the mission home we were greeted by Senior Missionaries in the Lubumbashi Mission, Elder Neil and Sister Glenda Draper, and Sister Heather Vance.
Elder and Sister Mikesell are on a trip to Mbuji-Mayi and will return tomorrow evening. Sister Cook was teaching an English class.
We were greeted with a note on our dining room table with a plate full of fresh fruit  and a note just like it  in the refrigerator along with eggs and a loaf of bread,

Luggage was taken to our home and we started unpacking. We spent time that afternoon at the office and then went to a grocery store and then the local market for fresh fruit and vegetables. Later that evening we met Sister Janet Cook. It was fun to unpack the food and set out our belongings to make this our home.

Our home is very comfortable - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,  dining room, living room, and a storage room off the kitchen. We go outside the back door and to the left at the end of the house is a door. Inside is the washing machine. Right now we use the dryer in the kitchen at the Draper's home. We have a dryer on our back patio area, but it doesn't work right now.

Our Home in the Lubumbashi Mission Complex

Enter the front door into the dining room

Then on into the Living Room

Looking from the other side of living room

Living Room going toward the back door

Our bedroom. Notice the Pink Mosquito Net

Shauna uses this closet in our bedroom

Bathroom adjacent to our bedroom

Shower in that bathroom

Storage in that bathroom

Granddaughters would love this.

Ron uses this closet in the spare bedroom

Spare bedroom.  No bed. Clothes dryer rack we can use.

Bathroom adjacent to spare bedroom

Storage in that bathroom

Shauna's closet

Shelves in place of dresser drawers

To the left of the back door in the living room

Food pantry cupboard in the living room area
Mother Hubbard's cupboard is pretty bare

Storage room off from the kitchen

Our kitchen, properly equipped with 3 filters for water.

All the conveniences of home--toaster and microwave

Kitchen pantry - we need to go shopping 

Dryer on the back patio. Needs to be fixed

Washer in the laundry room

First thing you see as  you walk in the front door
Our beautiful family pictures

Mission Office with Vehicle Fleet. Elder and Sister Draper live upstairs.
Refrigerator in storage room off from the kitchen

Vehicle Fleet

Mission President Home and office

Elder and Sister Mikesell's Home

Sister Vance and Sister Cook's  Home

Guard House to the right of the Gated Entrance
December 3

We finished putting away our books. The Drapers took us to a larger store where we were able to purchase picture frames and some other food items. We worked in the office helping wherever we could. Elder Vaun and Sister Renee Mikesell will be arriving tonight from Mbuji-Mayi where they have been attending meetings. He is the medical person and she has been helping in the office doing the finances.

December 4

Sister Mikesell worked with Elder Peterson all day on finances. There were many items that had accumulated while she was gone. We helped Sister Vance complete the Transfer Board she has been working on for a while. She had typed labels for the Zones and Districts, as well as printed off the pictures of all the missionaries. These were all laminated. We helped her organize all the items on two white boards. They will be placed on the wall in the office.


  1. Wow! Your home is beautiful! Not at all what I pictured. It looks so comfy and cozy!

  2. Lots of new updates! I love it! How big is the compound where you live? How many homes?

  3. The mission office (Drapers live upstairs, the Sisters home, Our home, Mikesell's home, President's home with office. It might be 2 acres.

  4. Love seeing these pictures! It looks like you are doing great! Your home looks very comfortable.

  5. Wow--wonderful home! You should be very comfortable there for 2 years (I was expecting dirt floors or something!) :) I love reading this blog!