Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 19, 2015 - Kisanga Stake Center Christmas Music Program and FACETIME with the Peterson Family

December 19 - We slept in until 7:45 this morning. After breakfast Elder Peterson needed to go to the office to take care of some financial affairs with Sister Mikesell.

While we were gone our clothes dryer on the back patio was fixed. So it was easier to do the three loads of laundry today. I tackled cleaning the wash room where the washer is located. The outside of the washer is now clean and the room swept clean. The back patio also got some attention with the broom. Next was the two bathrooms. I was trying to get the hard water from around the taps removed. Nothing seemed to work. Then I found a bottle of Vixol under the kitchen sink. It is a purple liquid. It worked so quickly. I could hardly believe it. I had already cleaned the toilet bowl but there was hard water stains around the bowl rim. I used some of the Vixol on it and scrubbed with a green kitchen scrub pad. It worked pretty well. So now the toilets and the sinks are "housecleaned".

I took the broom and swept all the tile floors in the entire house. I am glad we don't have carpet except for a rug under the coffee table in the living room. The red dirt comes in on our shoes. It is so much easier to sweep it up.

At 1:30 p.m. we left to go to the Kisanga Stake Center to get ready for the Music Program.

 The missionaries sang the same songs that they did at the last program. The new music is from this stake choir and a children's choir. Sister Mutumbo was the choir director. She and Steve Mutumbo were married in October. He was the interpreter for Elder and Sister Davis, the Humanitarian couple from Brigham City, when they first arrived in Lubumbashi. He then got a job with Facilities Management. TheDavises were able to attend the wedding of the Mutumbo's before going home. I sang with the missionary choir this time. I had attended one practice the first week we were here. Elder Peterson took video of the program.

We went out to dinner with the Drapers and Mikesells to a restaurant that is at the Zoo. The restaurant actually shares a parking lot with the zoo and is called the Zoo Restaurant. But we are not in the zoo and did not see animals during dinner. We are told the zoo doesn't have many animals and is not any different than seeing them caged as in the U.S. The admission is over priced and not really worth taking the time to see. Elder Peterson ordered a Hawaiian pizza and I had a hamburger with fries. We have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. It is not a place we will be anxious to go back to. The hamburger was good but the pizza very thin and not much on it.

At 9 p.m. we were able to Facetime with our precious children, grandchildren, and my mother. They were all at Rebecca and Joe's home for the annual Peterson Family Christmas Party. It was wonderful to speak with everyone to tell them of our love and Merry Christmas wishes. The hour and a half went quickly. We love them so much.


  1. How fun! I can't wait to see pictures of dinner at the zoo! What animals are in the zoo? It was great talking to you. Love you both!

    1. Unfortunately we didn't take pictures at the restaurant. I added more detail to the original post to explain about the animals at the zoo.