Friday, December 4, 2015

Advice from former missionary couple

This was a presentation by a Senior missionary couple who had served several missions. Unfortunately I didn't write down their name.

Your mission call letter is your own section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Be anxiously engaged in a good cause.

Creatively magnify and expand your mission will bring about many more opportunities to invite others to Christ.

Consult with mission president - where can I be of help in my extra hours?
Get to know and love the members.
Work closely with the local leaders
Say hello to everyone.
Call on your new neighbors.
Learn their culture.
Let them show you the local attractions.
Where can I be of service?  Graffiti removal
Random acts of kindness. Write thank you notes, give bottles of water
School, retirement homes, hospitals, other churches, charity events
Teach a class in something you know
Teach a weekly gospel class.
Strengthen young missionaries - GRAY POWER
Organize a choir
Exercise with others
Organize or join a help group.

What did Jesus do? We represent Him.

Have a potluck at the park, Easter egg hunt, water fight, ball games, parades

You ca be the leavening where you serve. Bringing others to partake of the bread of life.
Your home is a resource - friendshipping, fellowshipping.

What are your skills?
Family is a resource..Make them a part of your mission.
Pass out loaves of bread
Teach English class
D&C 46:11-12
Garden, music, sew, construction, etc.
Loving interaction with others.
Use your gift of inspiration
God forward with faith.
Have joy in the journey

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