Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 23-24, 2016 - Church at Gecamines 2 Ward

April 23 - moon at 6 a.m. over the mission complex

 Saturday morning walk. This sidewalk is on one of the main roads. Obviously when the concrete was wet someone decided to leave their footprints behind.

Sunrise at the "lake" near the small hyper pisaro.

Birds in a tree

Closer shot of the birds in the tree

Beautiful tree in someone's yard

Closer picture of the tree

Trying to determine what kind of tree it is

Two ladies carrying their chair to church on a Saturday morning.

Sister Nancy Peterson with the ladies

Sister Shauna Peterson with the ladies
Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just before we left for church, Sister Heather Vance received word that her daughter, Megan Sorenson, Megan's husband, Travis, and their 5 children were in a horrible car accident on Mountain View Corridor in Herriman a few hours ago.

The six of us went to Sacrament Meeting at the Gecamines 2 Ward.
A sister with her children at Church.
Pictures taken on the main road on the way home from Church.  The "Bundle" Market. All those clothes donated by people in the United States and elsewhere who think they are given to needy people in Africa. Somehow, there is a middle man who sells the bundles of clothing to people here for resale.

These trucks are load by hand - one shovel full at a time

After Sacrament Meeting we all came back to the mission complex so Sister Vance could learn more about the injuries to her family.

Megan has a broken left leg and broken left elbow. Her husband Travis Sorenson, from Tooele, who was on David's high school championship soccer team and graduated with him, has a broken ankle and a broken hand. Scott, age 10, has a broken clavicle and a concussion. Dane, age 8, has a ruptured spleen and lacerations to his liver and a concussion. Grace, age 6 next Friday, has a sprained ankle and a concussion. Will, age 4, has problems with vertebrae 1 and 2 and will need surgery. The baby, Barrett, 8 months old, seems to be fine. No problems.

Two 16 year old boys were going the wrong way on the Mountain View Corridor. At the brow of a hill, the two cars, both going about 55 mph hit head on. No one was killed. It is a miracle when you see the pictures of the two vehicles.

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