Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 2 - 3, 2016 - P Day and Ruashi 1 Ward

April 2 - This morning Elder Peterson and I woke up a few minutes late. The other Peterson's went on the long adventure without us. We went on our own run/walk for a little over an hour. We walked to the small hyper pisaro area where there are some stairs. We went up and down them 11 times before moving on.

Today is General Conference back home in Utah. The Internet is so poor here that we cannot stream the session on the computer. We will have to wait and download it tomorrow. Something that we take for granted at home. Here the members will watch it at the Church next Saturday and Sunday. So tomorrow will be a regular fast and testimony meeting during Sacrament meeting.

Six new missionary applications came in on Thursday. I didn't look at them until today. All six are still waiting for their passports so they cannot be totally processed until then. They are all from a small branch in Uvira.

Sister Thomas gave me another haircut today. So this is the second time she has cut a woman's hair. She always cut her husband and boys hair.  Also, her girls but they had long hair so I guess she figured that didn't really count as a woman's hair.  Anyway, she did a good job. She should go back to Canada and hang out her shingle and open a salon.

The curls that were cut off. My dad would say "Well, we sheared the sheep!"

We went with the Peterson's to Bougain Villa, a small hotel with a restaurant not far from our compound. We ate a Greek Salad. It was very good. There is a courtyard with tables and a water feature that was very pleasant to listen to while we ate.

I was able to download the Women's Conference today. We went to the doctor's office to watch the session with the Peterson's.

April 3 - Today is Rebecca's birthday. Our youngest is 32 years old. Where did the time go??

I took these pictures of the roses in front of the Sisters' house. They have the rain drops still on the leaves.

We attended the Ruashi 1 ward today with the Peterson's and Sister Cook. Sister Vance stayed home. She has a very bad cold that has gone down into her chest.

It was a very nice meeting with wonderful people. President Thomas has suggested that we find a ward to attend regularly. It has been nice to go ward hopping each week to see the different ward buildings and meet the people.

These pictures were taken on the way home from church. It almost looked like Conference getting out. Some church meeting must have ended. All these people are waiting for a "transport" so they can go home.They really can put a ton of people of one of these vans.

I am downloading the Saturday morning session of Conference. It wasn't available this morning before we went to Church.  It is slow moving--hopefully we will be able to watch it before the evening ends.

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