Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 11 - 15, 2016 - Zone Conferences

April 11  - Morning Walk

April 12 - Lubumbashi Zone Scripture Chase Champions

April 13 walk

Limbs have been cut from this tree. Must be diseased. Not many leaves on the limbs.

Belgian Consulate Residence

Marché where we buy our fruits and vegetables

Marché where we buy our fruits and vegetables

Anyone need a plumber?  Move over Spencer and Matt

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Anyone for a pedicure?

Entrance for the salon

Family entrance on the left--salon entrance on the right past the sign

Soccer Cup - Africa

Bamboo mat for privacy

Farther view of mats

Caterpillar on step of office

Sister Vance with caterpillar

Sister Vance moved him to the grass

Kisanga Zone Scripture Chase Champions

5 time Scripture Chase Champion

Children playing soccer at the Gecamines Building parking lot

April 14, 2016 - Going downtown

Traffic merging from three lanes down to one

It is every man for himself

Way to muscle in Elder Peterson
Sister Vance and I went to the end of the Katuba Zone Conference for song practice.
Katuba Zone Conference Scripture Chase Champions

President Thomas, Sister Niakaniany with release certificate, Sister Thomas

Sister   , Sister Vance, Sister Kalubi, Sister Peterson, Sister Nzweme
 After song practice we saw these beautiful flowers and stopped for a photo shoot.

Sister Vance

Wouldn't we love this as a house plant!!

Beautiful marigold bush

Sister Vance

Unusual tree on our way home

The large tree that we pass on our morning walks is now cut down

Friday, April 15 - Morning Walk

Crossing the stream over a bridge next to the road

Interesting Tree

The same river, downstream, in the middle of a neighborhood

Sister Vance and I picked up Sister Niakaniany and took her to the airport. She extended an extra month on her mission so we would have equal numbers of sisters. She is returning to her home in Madagascar.

Sister Niakaniany 

Sister Vance, Sister Niakaniany,   , Sister Peterson
Elder and Sister Bennett came down from Likasi. Their district is watching conference this weekend so that freed them up to come to Lubumbashi for groceries. We went to the Food Court, the Carrfour,  at the large hyper pisaro to get dinner.

Elder Bennett, Elder Ron Peterson, Elder Lorin Peterson, Sister Nancy Peterson, Sister Vance

Sister Thomas, President Thomas, Sister Bennett, Elder Bennett, Elder Ron Peterson

Elder Lorin Peterson, Sister Nancy Peterson, Sister Vance

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