Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18 - 22, 2016 - Transfer Week

April 19 - Took the missionaries to the airport that are being transferred to Mbuji-Mayi area. It is likely that all these missionaries will stay and be part of the new mission in Mbuji-Mayi.

The Luano Airport

April 19, - Coming back from the airport

Charbonner (charcoal sticks)  loaded on bicycle

Bicycle loaded down

At 4 p.m. today was the departing missionaries testimony meeting. It is good to hear their testimonies even though I don't understand all that they are saying. Two Elders who have been AP's at different times since we have been here are going home, Elder Boteni and Elder Makangu. We have been here long enough now that we are somewhat close to a few of these missionaries going home. It is sad because we know we will never see them again in this life--unless we run into them at the Kinshasa Temple when it is finished. We wish for each of them a happy life, finding a good wife, raise righteous children in the Gospel and continue to build the kingdom in this country.

President Thomas, Elder Boteni, Sister Thomas
President Thomas, Elder Makangu, Sister Thomas

Wednesday, April 20 - Morning Walk
Logs from the one tree cut down


April 20 - A new first!! The airplane bringing our new missionaries was an hour early. President and Sister Thomas hadn't left for the airport when the Assistants to the President called and said they had all 12 new missionaries in the van with their luggage and they were leaving the airport headed for the Mission Home.

12 new missionaries plus the two AP's - 14 people stuffed into the van with all the luggage.

Thursday, April 21 - Saw this home (?) hotel (?) being built on our morning walk

President and Sister Thomas left this morning for Mbuji-Mayi to conduct interviews and the zone conference. On Saturday President Cook, the Africa Southeast Area President will be in Mbuji-Mayi to conduct interviews to choose the man to be the stake president of the new Mbuji-Mayi Stake. He needs President Thomas to be the interpreter for him since President Cook doesn't speak French.
Sunday will be the Stake Conference Meeting. President and Sister Thomas will not return until Monday evening since that is the earliest flight out of Mbuji-Mayi.

The AP's, Elder Bosso and Elder Luyatu were in charge in conducting the new missionary training meeting at 9 a.m. It all went very smooth, especially considering that this was the first time they had to do it on their own without President Thomas. Elder Bosso helped with the last incoming missionary training, but Elder Luyatu is brand new to the position, replacing Elder Makangu who is returning home.

Elder Peterson and I, along with the AP's drove the missionaries to Vodacom to register their telephones and get them set up. It went well to get their phones all at once.

Friday, April 22 - Moon at 6 a.m. - Our morning walk with the Peterson's.

The two Elder Peterson's. Our Peterson is wearing the hat.

Notice the smoke from fires - burning garbage

Sign for Maternity Clinic

Maternity clinic in the neighborhood

Sign for a school

Ryan and Vanny who works for Facilities Management

Ryan, age 2

We went to a Greek Restaurant tonight with Sister Cook and Sister Vance and Elder and Sister Peterson. We ordered a meat platter with several kinds of meat to share.  It was a bit pricey and the meat wasn't tender so we probably won't go back again.

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