Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 25 - 29, 2016 - Sister Vance's family in accident

Monday, April 25 - Walk around the neighborhood

Beautiful Sunrise


Neighborhood to the north of us
News came in throughout the night and early this morning about Sister Vance's family. Then it was time for them to rest in Utah. Everyone is doing OK. Only 2 children still at Primary Children's Hospital; Megan at the University of Utah Hospital. Travis was released but is staying with Megan. Travis's parents, John and Colleen Sorenson, are at Primary Children's Hospital with Dane and Scott.

Sister Vance's other 3 children who live in Utah are all wanting to help take care of the 3 children who have been released from the hospital.

Tuesday, April 26 - Took these pictures of the river at a place we hadn't been before

Today I caught up entering the baptism and confirmation records that have been handed in this month. Yesterday I entered 23; today 52.

Wednesday, April 27 - This afternoon Sister Vance and I went to each of the 3 zone meetings for a song practice. The missionaries will be singing "Army of Helaman" and our Lubumbashi Mission Song during a Tri-Zone Conference on May 21 when Elder Switzer comes to our mission. His wife, Joann, is the sister of our mission President's wife, Sister Thomas.

Thursday, April 28 - Completed adding March data for all 80 sectors to the reports for the President. 

Friday, April 29 - On our morning walk we saw this banana tree. It is very interesting to see how they grow.

More bananas will come out of the pink plant at the bottom

 We received more good reports throughout the week about Sister Vance's family. The physical therapists are getting Megan up on her leg. She had a metal rod put in to fix it. Everyone seems to be on the mend. It will just take time.

We have one missionary leaving on May 5. Since I needed to get his departure packet ready, I thought I might as well start departure packets for all missionaries leaving the end of May. I also started getting the forms and files ready for the new 13 incoming missionaries. I thought I might as well do as much as I can now.

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