Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 23 - 29, 2016 - President last trip to Kasai - Visiting Emmanuel and Marlene

May 23 - After our morning walk, I also worked out with the 40 minute trouble spots workout. Used the 1.5 pound Fanta bottles filled with dirt only.

The moving company came today to pick up all the items President and Sister Thomas are sending home in their "container." So it is starting to become a bit real--the changing of the guard--so to speak. President and Sister Thomas have served tirelessly in a very hard mission. There are cultural challenges that are very specific to this mission. It is not like every other African mission. The longer we are here, the more we admire what they have lived through, the lessons they have tried to teach the missionaries. Obedience, honesty, loyalty to the Savior--these are just a few of the topics addressed in Zone Conferences the past two years.

President brought over the transfer tonight. We postponed Family Home Evening so Elder Peterson and I could work on the transportation schedule. Justin will need to purchase tickets tomorrow for the missionaries going to and from the Kasai area. This is the last transfer before the mission split. So missionaries will now know which mission they will be part of. President Thomas still has until June 30 to make any additional changes he wants to make. We will be sad to see some of these Elders and Sisters for the last time. And we will not see those who have been up north and will be staying.

May 24 - President and Sister Thomas, along with the two Assistants left this morning for the last trip to the Kasai Province. Both Elder Peterson's were needed to drive the two vehicles to the airport. There was many boxes of supplies being sent up with them. So our morning walk was cancelled. The 40 minute "Trouble Spots" workout was completed before going to the office.

On July 1 Mbuji-Mayi, Mwene Ditu, and Luputa will become part of the Mbuji-Mayi Mission. The Mbuji-Mayi Zone Conference was held the same week as the new Mbuji-Mayi Stake was organized. This trip will be the last Zone Conferences for Luputa and Mwene Ditu. Saturday and Sunday is the Mwene Ditu District Conference as well.

This afternoon will be missionary interviews and then a dinner.

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday Sister Cook is holding her English class celebrations. Tonight we helped her put packets together that she is giving them. It includes a picture from the gospel art, Family Proclamation in French, the Living Christ in French and English, For the Strength of Youth in French and English, Joseph Smith's Testimony in French, an English Book of Mormon, and an audio CD of the Book of Mormon in English.

Some of her students are members, but many are not. She is having the missionaries from each of the three zones attend the respective celebrations so they can answer questions any of the students may have after the "graduation" program.

May 25 - Took a few great photos on the morning walk/run.
Saw this bicycle parked loaded with the charbonne.

Flock of birds with the moon at the top

Couldn't decide which picture was best so I put all of them in

Birds closer, but without the moon

Sister Nancy Peterson and I asked this lady if we could take her picture. Moments before she had been carrying another bucket in her other hand. We have seen her before at the edge of the busy street cooking something over her charbonne stove. Two stoves are in this blue plastic container. The charbonne has already been lit and the coals are red. I tried capturing the coals in the next picture but it was too dark to see it.

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Charbonne coals are red but cannot be seen in this picture.

The large smokestack isn't producing, but a smaller one from the mine is.

Part of a cemetery along a road we walked
During the 40 minute workout I used the 2 pound Fanta bottles with rocks and dirt.

This morning Elder Peterson and I went to the Distribution Center to pick up some supplies, among them 400 Book of Mormons.

There were 3 English class celebrations this afternoon. Sister Vance and I went to the middle one. Some of the students performed short dialogues in English. Then the certificates and packet of gifts were given.

May 29 - Church with Job and his mother. Visiting their home

Visiting Emmanuel and Marlene at their home

Marlene, Emmanuel, Vainqueur

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