Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 - 22, 2016 - President in Capetown

May 16 -  Here are the weights I made for exercising--Congolese style. I have been using the white bean cans (1 pound). The first set of Fanta bottles are filled with dirt only. They weight 1.5 pounds. The second set of Fanta bottles are filled with rock, then dirt filtered between the rocks (2 pounds). The milk bottles are filled with rocks. They weight 3 pounds. Now I can work out using more weights than 1 pound.

I have been using Jillian Michael's 40 minute Trouble Zones Circuit Workout DVD that Sarah sent with me. Up to now only the one pound bean cans have been used.

May 17 - 

We are doing great. The office is a bit quiet this week. President and Sister Thomas are at the Mission President Seminar in Capetown, South Africa. Our new missionaries don't come until the 31st of May. I already have the arrival packets and supply bags complete.  Also everything for the 10 departing missionaries is done except what I am waiting for from the President. I have some extra time to work on my French. I am not learning very fast.  A lot of the missionaries here want to practice their English--so with their little English and my little French, we can usually figure out what they need. If I get in a bind, we go in to Elder Peterson's office and have him interpret.
A home under construction

Came upon a local trash dump. This is the start of the burn season to burn the trash.

View of the outskirts of the city southwest of where we live

Bricks that weren't used when made--have deteriorated so now they cannot be used.

Another view of the city suburb southwest of us

More suburb views

More suburb homes

May 21 - We went to a baptism at the Kisema Ward. Brother Gedeon Nkelende baptized his son, Aaron Mbiya Nkelende and a woman my age, Lucie Maleya Kabeya. This is the first baptismal service we have attended since being here. The outdoor font had cold water and there was a breeze blowing that made it even colder. Unfortunately, the young man had to be baptized three times before he was all the way under. The woman took two times before she was completely immersed. I felt sorry for them because I was a bit cold without being wet.

Elder Luyatu, Brother Gedeon Nkelende, Aaron Mbiya Nkelende, Lucie Maleya Kabeya, Elder Bosso

After the baptism. Some who witnessed the event

They are filling this dump truck one shovelful of dirt at a time

Cute baby during Sunday School

Relief Society President with her four children

Cute hair--looks very time consuming

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