Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 11 - 17, 2016 - Transfers & Last Preparations for President & Sister Shumard

July 11

President Donnelly doing push ups

Elder Peterson "B" finishing his push ups

July 12 - Morning Walk near the trash dump

Sunrise over the city

July 12 - We got word today that President and Sister Shumard have their visas and will arrive here on Sunday. We had a staff meeting today to work on more details for Elder Bednar’s visit and to get everything finalized for the incoming and departing missionaries. Also what we need to do to help get the Mission Home ready for the Shumards.

Departure Dinner for two Sister missionaries. They came dressed for dinner.
Sister Haboko and Sister Mukundi

Sister Donnelly, Sister Mukundi, Sister Haboko, President Donnelly

Sister Peterson, Sister Haboko, Sister Mukundi, Elder Peterson

July 13 - Solange making fou fou for President Donnelly

July 13 - The arrival of new missionaries.
7 new missionaries with President & Sister Donnelly

July 14 - Training for the new missionaries during the day. Out to dinner tonight.
Bougan Villa Restaurant

July 15 - a South African Braai (pronounced bry) or Barbeque as we say in the U.S. President Donnelly loves to barbeque meat. And it is very delicious!!

Chicken grilled on the barbeque

Sister & President Donnelly toasting root beer floats

Elder and Sister Peterson "B" 
It would seem that our lives revolve around eating--and it does. That is all the entertainment we have here in the Congo.  No safaris, no animals--just eating.

July 16 - FM (Facilities Management) and their contractors have been working very hard for the past 2 weeks remodeling the kitchen in the Mission Home. President & Sister Donnelly have been living in the home vacated by Sisters Cook & Vance.

Today, all of us at the Mission Complex were "on deck" to make sure every detail was taken care of. Dishes were washed and put into the new cupboards, New rugs were arranged, and the entire home spruced up awaiting its new occupants. President Donnelly, ever the Public Relations man, made the following video to showcase the home.

Mission Home finished--Ready for President and Sister Shumard.

July 17 - Church at the Luano Ward
Sister & President Donnelly at Luano Ward
This is the sister who made a beautiful dress for Sister Draper as a gift when she went home. Sister Draper played the keyboard for Sacrament Meeting each Sunday in the Luano Ward during their mission.
Ida Faida

Luano Ward Relief Society

Luano Ward Sister
After Sacrament Meeting we went with Elder & Sister Donnelly to pick up President & Sister Shumard at the airport. We drove slowly through the city to the Mission Home so the missionaries would have time to gather.
Missionaries singing a welcome song

President & Sister Shumard meet their missionaries.

July 17 - Video welcoming President and Sister Shumard to the Lubumbashi Mission.

President Donnelly's goal was to make Sister Shumard cry. Goal accomplished!!

Soup and Salad Welcome and Goodbye Dinner

Changing of the Guard  -- Handing over the President's phone.

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