Sunday, July 10, 2016

June 27 - July 3 - President and Sister Thomas' Last few days

June 27 - President and Sister Shumard as well as the Barlow's didn't receive their visas in time to come yet.  It may be a couple of weeks away from now.

June 28 - A farewell meeting for President & Sister Thomas with the missionaries in Lubumbashi.

 June 29 - Elder Walton, the Executive Secretary to the Area Presidency came here today and will stay until Sunday to act as the interim president so the Thomas's can leave tomorrow.

 June 30 - President F. Brent and Sister Carolyn Thomas left the mission home for the last time. They are on their way home to Canada. We love them and will miss their leadership.

President Thomas, Solange, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Ilunga, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Joseph, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Clarement, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Justin, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, the Assistants Elder Luyatu and Elder Bosso, Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Elder & Sister Peterson,Sister Thomas

President Thomas, Sister & Elder Peterson, Sister Thomas

President Thomas handing over the President's phone to Elder Walton

 July 1 - Today is Elder Walton's birthday. We went out to dinner to celebrate. Dr. & Sister Peterson bought a cake for dessert at home afterward.

Elder Peterson "B" lighting the candles on Elder Walton's birthday cake.
Elder Walton blowing out the candles

July 2 - We went to lunch with Elder Walton and the other Peterson's to the Bougain Villa. Notice the fountain in the picture. A great place to go and relax and listen to the water.
Elder & Sister Peterson

July 3 - We took Elder Walton to Sacrament Meeting at the Katuba Stake Center. After Sacrament Meeting he was showing Justin and his stake clerk how the ward members, using a computer can "pin" their home on a map of the ward so they can be found. There is not a good address system here. 

We then took Elder Walton to the airport to go on the flight to South Africa.  President Sean and Sister Dianne Donnelly arrived from South Africa. He is the public affairs director there over the entire area. He had a conference with all the public affairs people that lasted until Saturday night; that is why they didn't come last Wednesday. He was set apart as the interim president by direction from the 12.  He was the mission president in Madagascar from 2009-2012. They are amazing people; we loved them instantly. They will do a great job until President and Sister Shumard arrive.

President Donnelly receiving the President's phone from Elder Peterson in whose care Elder Walton left it for an hour.

President and Sister Donnelly
Elder & Sister Peterson, Sister Donnelly, Elder & Sister Peterson

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