Sunday, July 10, 2016

June 20 - 26, 2016 - Likasi Stake Created

June 20 - The office is so quiet without the enthusiasm of Sister Vance. We all miss her so much.

June 26 - This weekend the Likasi Stake will be created. A fitting send off for the Thomas' before they go home.  I never cease to be amazed with President and Sister Thomas.  President Thomas hasn't slowed a lick and always positive.  Always centered on the mission and the missionaries but puts up with so much pettiness from them. We try to make comments to President & Sister Thomas that focus on the contributions they have made in moving the mission forward but I'm not sure they are convinced. No one else could have done what they were able to do at this time and that is why the Lord picked them.  

Sister & Elder Bennett who have worked tirelessly to help grow the Likasi District into a Stake.

The two Sisters Peterson with a young usher at the meeting.

Missionaries in the Likasi Zone with Sister Peterson

Missionaries in the Likasi Zone

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