Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 4 - 10 - President Sean and Sister Dianne Donnelly

July 4 - We celebrated America's Independence with a grilled meat dinner.

President Donnelly cooked beef and chicken on the BBQ

President Donnelly hard at work in the office

July 9 - We drove with President and Sister Donnelly to Kasumbalesa for baptisms. Eight people were baptized.
Portable Baptismal Font

The 4 Elders who work hard in Kasumbalesa with President Donnelly

Awaiting their baptism

Water tank - not connected

July 10, 2016
Everything is on track for the new incoming missionaries. Transfers went out yesterday. They will move to new sectors tomorrow (Monday).

Sister Bennett's eye did not require surgery like the eye doctor in Likasi thought. She and Elder Bennett were able to go to the Johannesburg Temple yesterday. Their return tickets are not until Wednesday and it will cost money to change them so they won't return until then. They will probably go to the Temple again on Tuesday.

Yesterday President Donnelly got word that Sister Diouro's father passed away. He had to call her and give her the news. Apparently her father had been sick for quite some time so it wouldn't have been unexpected. However, at the beginning she took it rather hard--wailing and not able to talk on the phone.  Elder Bitty and companion went over and talked to her. There was a baptism in Likasi that Sister Diouro had been excited about going to until Pres. gave her the bad news. Her companion is Sister Haboko who will be going home this week.

Apparently the visas for Shumards and Barlows have been sent to Washington from Kinshasa. So hopefully they will make their way quickly to Utah. The travel department of the church will not book the flight until they have the visa in hand. So Donnellys will be with her for at least another week. They are so kind and loving. They have been a joy to have here this past week.

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