Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 18 - 24 - President and Sister Shumard's First Week

July 20 - Morning Walk

July 24 - Katuba Stake - creating new wards, changing names of others. We had good seats on the stand.
Overflow in several other rooms

After Church I went to the office to use the computer for a few minutes. I had used Ron's keys to open the back door. As I left to return to the house, almost through the courtyard, I remembered I didn't take Elder Peterson's keys out of the door. Soooo I thought I would do an about face--turning around, but my foot didn't follow my brain's thoughts. Instead of turning 180 degrees, I only went 90 degrees and my left foot stepped into the "ditch" that runs through the compound.

This is the re-enactment of my fall.

I screamed for Elder Peterson to help me. When he came I told him "My elbow is broken." We went with Dr. Peterson to the hospital for an X-ray. The result was - no break. How grateful we were. Looking back, I should have trusted my first thought and headed for Johannesburg.

On Sundays at 4 p.m. I Facetime with my mother. We can talk for about an hour before she goes to church. We were about an hour late getting back to the compound for our Facetime call. I apologized for not being here when she called. She said, No problem, I just figured you were on mission business. I didn't tell her about the fall. No need to worry her about nothing. 

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