Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 7 - 14 - Meetings with Elder Bednar

Sunday, August 7 - The Big Day Arrives

August 8 - Meetings in Likasi - Elder Bednar went to Likasi. The Barlows and us stayed at the office to hold down the fort.

August 9 - Meetings in Kolwezi with Elder Bednar. We are still at the office.

August 10 - Missionary Meeting in Lubumbashi - After the missionary meeting with us in Lubumbashi, Elder Bednar and company left for the airport.

August 11 - My arm still is not getting much better. Still discolored and swollen fingers. Elder Peterson "B" is helping me with therapy to see if we can get it to work.

August 13 - Baptism at the Kisanga Stake Center

August 14 - At Bongonga Ward

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