Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 9-10, 2016 - P Day and Kisanga 1 Ward

January 9 - Sister Draper, Sister Vance, and I got together this morning to make African dolls. I am bringing the pattern home so the daughters and granddaughters can make their own. I am not up to making 27 of them.

African doll not finished yet.

In the afternoon Sister Vance, Sister Cook, Elder Peterson and I went to the Tujikaze School for a school program. Most of the girls from the Katimel Orphanage attend the school.  Elder and Sister Davis did some humanitarian work with the Katimel Orphanage when they were here. The girls sang a number of songs. The singing was lovely. They were led by a young woman, Beatrice, who has the most beautiful voice. She also paints.

After the program each of us was given a card that was a copy of a picture painted by one of the girls at the orphanage.


Sister Peterson in front of  huge tree in the Tujikaze School

January 10 - We attended church at the Kisanga 1 Ward this morning with Elder and Sister Mikesell, and Sisters Cook and Vance.

On the ride home from church

Sister Cook

Sister Vance

Look at the different colors of green in our hedge.

The hedge lines the walk to our home

Our yard planted in grass.

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