Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 2-3, 2016 - Hair cut and Kisapa 2 Ward

January 2 - Spent a lot of the day in the office discovering some things in IMOS I can use to help automate my duties further. Did the laundry in between. It is so nice to be so close to home and the office.

Elder Draper cut Elder Petersons hair.

Sister Thomas trimmed my hair. I supposed we will have to learn to cut one anothers hair while we are here.

January 3 - We went with the Mikesells, Sister Vance, and Sister Cook to the Kasapa 2 Ward this morning. It is a more educated ward than most. The people very very friendly. Many of them speak some English. Some have come to Sister Cooks English classes.  Sister Vance was very brave and bore her testimony. We are fasting today for Elder and Sister Bennetts daughter-in-law who has cancer. The Bennetts found this out on Christmas Eve while they were here.

I went to Primary again today. Senior and junior Primary were separated for class, two big classes. The brother who taught Senior Primary did a great job with the first lesson of the year, The Book of Mormon is a gift from God. I could follow along a little bit. Sister Mikesell came in and we were able to download the Primary manual and a few other manuals on Elder Petersons IPAD using her hotspot connection from her phone.

After the lesson the Junior Primary came in and all were taught a sharing time from the new outline. There was no singing time today, just an opening song and a closing song. One thing I was really impressed by was what they did at the very beginning of sharing time.  The children started reciting the Articles of Faith in unison. They recited all of them--one through thirteen. I was amazed. The Junior primary did not know all of them but the children in the senior Primary did. They have spent some major time working with the children to complete that task.
Primary can be so exhausting
When Primary was over I asked if I could take some pictures. Here is no different--they all want to be in the picture and see the immediate result.

Primary President with some children

Primary Presidents baby

Primary President with other Primary sisters

I finally made my way outside thinking the others would be waiting for me. As I approached the van I found it full--but not full of missionaries--it was children. Sister Mikesell had quite a few sitting in the van with her.
Sister Mikesell and a van full of children

Kasapa 2 Ward Chapel newly painted

Sister Mikesell in the van mobbed by children

Little boy we sat next to in Sacrament Meeting

Extensions on this baby who was almost bald

Beautiful sisters

Sister Cook with some children from the Branch
It was a wonderful fast Sunday in the Kasapa 2 Ward.

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  1. Dad- it looks like you went short, short on the haircut! Lookin good! I'm am loving all these pictures you have been able to share! What wonderful people!! I just love looking at all the kids and Primary is the best place to go! I love hearing about all the things you do with the other missionaries there in the office--what a special bond you all have! Is there anyone couples from home you could sign up to come and help you when everyone else leaves?