Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 28 - 30, 2015

December 28 - 30. Regular office duties this week. I worked on letters going out to Stake Presidents and families of our December new missionary arrivals. This is something we are just starting in our mission. It is done with a mail merge similar to Microsoft Word, but it is done in the church IMOS system. The data elements are automatically included such as Missionary Full Time, Missionary Last Name, Companion Full and last name, the city they serve in, the sector, etc.

I was having issues with the French translations of Elder and Sister customizing the letter. After calling Salt Lake I found that two letters need to be created, one for Elders and one for the Sisters. The software is not translating into French the way it is supposed to. That may be fixed in a future update but not for a while.

The letters were finished and emailed to the Stake Presidents and the letters for the families along with a picture of the arriving missionary with President and Sister Thomas are now ready for the POUCH system.

We received some missing information we needed to complete three more prospective missionary applications. These were prepared to send to Johannesburg. After being reviewed at the Area Office, they are then forwarded to Salt Lake for one of the Apostles to extend the mission call.

A mission call was sent from Johannesburg for us to forward on to the missionary who lives in Mwene Ditu. We thought the process took a long time in the United States, but it is longer here in the Congo, getting all the necessary papers in order. With no mail service we have to get the mission call through the church pouch system here in the country to the various wards and branches.

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