Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11 - 15, 2016 - Week before Transfer Week

January 11 - In this office this week we are gearing up for the arrival of 14 new missionaries and 4 departing missionaries along with transfers. This will actually take place next week.

January 12 - Created letterhead for the mission today. I finished revising an Arrival Missionary Checklist and a Departing Missionary Checklist.

January 13 - Put the finishing touches on the Arrival Missionary Packet, a 21 page document that is given to each missionary as they arrive. Most of the pages were already in electronic form. I had to type a few of them. Then I placed the individual documents all into one nice big file that can printed whenever we need them.

Elder Peterson went with President Thomas to Luano City to check out the homes being built there.

January 14 - We were busy today getting the arrival packets ready for the incoming missionaries.

Our amazing Chef Salad for dinner tonight.

Wooden jars from Mbuji-Mayi

Rose buds
 January 15 - Sister Draper started early this morning when President Thomas gave her the new transfer list. Mainly I just watched what she did and took notes. I need to find out if there is a way to automate the long day of typing she had. She typed each of the transferring missionary names in a spread with a host of information about zone, district, and sector they are leaving and the zone, district, and sector they are going to. Also the mode of transportation from each unit of travel.

Rainstorm - bucket loads from the sky. We can hardly see from the back door of the office, across the courtyard to the doctor's office.

Dr. and Sister Mikesell are in their doorway watching the storm.

Gutter at the side of the courtyard leading to the Sisters' house

Water gushes out of the rain spout into the gutter by the office back door

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