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December 27, 2015 - Kipushi Ward

December 27 - We went with Elder and Sister Mikesell, Sister Vance, and Sister Cook to Kipushi, about 1 hour driving distance. It is a border town between the DRC and Zambia. We drove through the town to the guard station before turning around and going to the church. The road on the other side of the guard station leads to a small village in Zambia. After that, there is no good road heading anywhere.

Kipushi Branch Chapel

Sister Cook, Sister Peterson, Sister Vance by baptismal font, Kipushi Branch

Sister Vance with children after Sacrament Meeting
 The people at church were very friendly. After Sacrament Meeting Sister Vance, Sister Cook, and I went to primary. They sang a few songs but most of the time the children were being taught from the Primary lesson book and the Primary President gave a sharing time from the outline for sharing time. Another sister taught the lesson. They spoke in both French and then Swahili to teach the children. Main points in French was written on the board. I was able to follow along pretty well with what the children were being taught.

When the sisters finished with what they had prepared there was a few minutes of time left. Sister Cook asked if she could sing with the children. She sang songs in English and the children, after figuring out from the tune what the song was, would sing in French. Sister Cook sang SMILES, doing a really good frowny face. The children and their two leaders laughed and laughed. We had a great time taking pictures of them.

Family getting mangoes from the tree in the church yard.

After the meetings we sat in the van and ate lunch. Sister Mikesell realized it would be after lunch time when we would return so she prepared food for us. We ate ham and cheese sandwiches with Elder Mikesell├Ęs snickerdoodles for dessert. We will miss the Mikesells when their mission is finished the end of February. They are very thoughtful people.

The following pictures are taken as we are driving from Kipushi back to Lubumbashi.

Termite clay hill used for making bricks

I enjoyed a nap while Elder Peterson studied.

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