Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 3 - 9, 2017 - Elder's Move

July 3 - Today we helped move 4 missionaries from the Gecamines 1 apartment to  new apartment, Kisima. The Elders will be closer to the sectors they work in. The Zone Leaders will be staying in the Gecamines 1 apartment.

Elder Beya K washing his clothes

He says the more suds the cleaner the shirt
The four Elders who are moving in front of the truck piled high with their belongings.

Elder Razafindrabosy

The Elders with the landlord's son. This big room was locked off. It won't be used by the missionaries.

The neighbor on top of our wall picking his papayas.
Thought about Erin and Scott and their daughters all day today, wondering how they are and what they are finding out about their home and belongings.

July 4 walk - This huge home was never finished. Weeds growing all around.

Smoke in the foreground. Garbage piles all along the road. It is the dry season so now the people burn their garbage. Sometimes the smoke is very thick. Pollution makes for a beautiful red sun.

Must be a Jewish home with the stars of David on the wall
After our morning walk and before getting ready for the day I went to the office and checked Facebook. I saw Erin had just posted a picture. I messaged her and then we FaceTimed. It was great to see and talk to them. There are still many unanswered questions about what survived the fire. These pictures aren't very clear, but it shows the damage done.
It appears the kitchen and living room were not affected by the fire--smoke and water damage most likely.

The space between Barnett's house and Erin and Scott's
 Barnetts took their boat and fifth wheel trailer to Bear Lake. Otherwise they would have burned as well. And Barnett's house would have been damaged even more.

Sister Shumard and I helped Elder Peterson by counting the money into bundles of 10 each. We found some interesting pieces of money. You can't even tell what color the bill is supposed to be.

1000 mille - top one fairly new bill; bottom one torn, taped together

5000 mille - top one stapled together; bottom one a fairly new bill

Men returned to work on the pump for the new well
 Sunset with the red sun thanks to the pollution from the garbage fires

 Independence Day in the United States. We had our own little celebration at the Mission Home with dinner.

Elder Lorin & Sister Nancy Peterson

Sister Shauna & Elder Ronald Peterson

President & Sister Shumard

Elder Nick & Sister Irene Eastmond
July 5 - Early morning run. Red sunrise with the reflection in the lake

 Our running buddies, Elder and Sister Peterson leave in three weeks.
July 6 - Morning Walk Pictures
 We went home teaching this afternoon. As we walked into the compound area where about 3 or 4 families live, a little girl ran up to Elder Peterson and threw her arms around his legs and hugged him tight. I couldn't get my phone camera ready fast enough to get that picture. But this is what happened right after.
 The little girl in the foreground did the same thing to me. Wrapped her arms around my legs and hugged me tight. The little girl in the background just stood and watched what was happening. None of the three girls belong to our home teaching family. We had never had interaction with them before.
 At another home teaching visit, we gave Sister Sina's children some Liahona's. Elder Peterson turned to the children's insert and all three children we sold on that magazine. The oldest daughter, Jackie, is in the hospital with malaria. We went with Sister Sina and her daughter Jessica to visit. The hospital is only a block from their home. As we started to walk along the busy street, Sister Sina took hold of my hand and held it tight until we arrived at the hospital.

Elder Peterson gave Jackie a blessing while we were there.
 On the way home we saw these two men pulling a small cart with a car body on the top. It is about 5:30 p.m. It is a busy main highway. There are cars backed up behind them for a looooong ways. It was so funny!  Just when you think you have seen it all, something else comes along. Love this country!!

 Beautiful sunset driving home

The sugar cane is almost all harvested from this small patch
 July 7 - New progress on the pump installed here on the compound.

We went to the Chinese Restaurant for dinner. Elder and Sister Eastmond presented the Peterson's with a book, "Le Golf de Lubumbashi". It has pictures of the golf course and the birds and plants that live there. There are many things in the book we didn't see as we ran the golf course in the mornings.
Elder Lorin & Sister Nancy Peterson

Sister & Elder Eastmond, Elder & Sister Peterson, Elder Ron Peterson

Our delicious dinner - Noodles and Fried Rice

Chinese screens

Very beautiful restaurant -- not very busy at the time we go
 July 8 - Visited the Upemba Apartment. This is what their new brasero looks like now after a couple of weeks use.

Truck piled high

Furniture Deliver van
 Sister Nancy Peterson and I were both working furiously on our 111 page Shutterfly books with unlimited free pages. About 3:30 p.m. we went to the Golf Course to have a bite to eat and take a break. The first time we have sat and eaten on the veranda overlooking the golf course that we have loved running on in the mornings.
Elder Ron Peterson
Sister & Elder Peterson, Elder Lorin Peterson

Elder Peterson with his hamburger and frites

The new gas station across the street from the golf course. Beautiful fountain and landscaping
 July 9 - More pictures of people in our ward. We are giving them a 4 x 6 print and making a small card size for us so we can learn their names.

Thethe and her husband and children

Felistance (Felly) and Richard are investigators

Socrate is also an investigator

Felly & Richard, Brother & Sister Nutumbo

Lorianne and her daughter Orvaline

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