Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 17 - 23, 2017 - Departing Missionaries

July 17 -

 Missionary Apartment visits.
The Assistants Apartment - Elder Jules has really been cleaning this place since he arrived here June 3. Unfortunately his companion would just sit and watch him clean and fix up. He now has another companion who will help him. They added pictures from old Liahona magazines on the walls.
This apartment has extra bunk beds to house visiting missionaries from Likasi and Kolwezi coming for Mission Leadership Conference. Also when new missionaries arrive they stay here overnight before going to their sector in Likasi and Kolwezi.

Two bookshelves being organized. Stacks of old manuals and Liahonas waiting to be hauled off.

We went to the Kasapa Apartment where the Elders were washing their clothes.

The next stop was the Kisimi Apartment. This is one of our newest apartments. The Elders had already completed their laundry for the week.

At the Upemba apartment Elder Egombe is showing off the laundry that was already finished.
July 18 - On our morning walk we saw a homemade soccer goal. The soccer field is in the midst of the trash pile.

Elder Peterson giving "high 5's" and "knuckles" with the local children.

The papaya tree in the Peterson Medical back yard. Ilunga planted it when Elder and Sister Mikesell lived there.

We saw a monkey in the tree on the other side of the mission home. If you look close enough you can see him sitting on the limb.

July 20 - This is advertising several sizes of bricks for sale - complete with the phone number.

Parts of an old car deposited along the trail where we walk near the river.

The field has been plowed with a tractor. It used to be weeds.

Interesting field of weeds next to the plowed field

Close up of the top of the weed

Large pig running by Elder Eastmond

Crows in the trees

Ronny has come back to check on "Ralph"

Departing Missionaries

 July 21 - signs by the volleyball court between the "Catch" and "Le Boucher" restaurants.

Taking the two departing sisters to the airport.

Sisters Manzanza, Peterson, Badibanga

Sisters Rajafetra, Peterson, Lokana
 Dinner at La Boucher with President and Sister Shumard

Look at the jack on top of this car parked next to us
 July 22 - Baptismal Service this morning. Gecamines 2 and Mampala Wards together.

S. Isampua, Felician, S. Conteh, S. Ntambwe, 

Elders Mbala, Peterson, Beya K

With Sister Isampua 

With Sister Conteh

With Elder Mbala

With a group of the children

Richard and Clement washing our truck - returning a favor
 Dinner at the Italian Restaurant
Eastmond's appetizer - eggplant parmasean
 There is a child's car track just outside the restaurant. Notice the Green go light
 Now the red light. The child stops in his car and waits until it turns green

Sister Nancy & Elder Lorin Peterson

Sister Peterson's Gnocci

Elder Peterson's spaghetti

Sister Shumard's dinner

Sister & President Shumard, Elder Ron Peterson

Elder Ron Peterson's dinner

Elder Eastmond Penne - Basil
 Sister Eastmond and I had Lasagne
Elder and Sister Eastmond survived a two day trip to Mbuji-Mayi

Sister Irene & Elder Nick Eastmond
 July 23

Empty Water Tank

Sister Lucie

Sister Therese

Frere Alphonse

Elder Peterson & Frere Osee

Sister Peterson with Frere Osee and his children

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